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We’re amazed again and again how progress changes our everyday life. And by doing so raises new questions. Researchers at TU Graz are looking for solutions to the burning problems of the present. This is how they shape the future. Because research is change. Here you can find out what future topics are currently on their radars.

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Three men look into the camera. One is holding a tray with lots of sugar cubes

Providing precise medical informationa

When it comes to questions about our health, we want accurate and understandable answers. But "understandable" is a relative term. The occasion in question, previous knowledge and the desired depth of information can be very different. To this end, the knowledge visualization team at TU Graz is...   Read more


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Always live: power grids and safety networks

The photovoltaic system is working on the roof, the e-car is charging in the garage, or at least the e-bike is hooked up to the electricity. Everyday life in many households. And the trend towards sustainability means that the importance of electricity delivery is growing even further. For this...   Read more