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Water sports in Graz

12/05/2020 | TU Graz screenshots | TU Graz news | Studies

By Mag. Beate Mosing

How theoretical physics can be applied in practice on the water is impressively demonstrated in Graz by various student teams – and it's quite strange.

TU Graz students set sail: the "High Performance Sailing Team" of TU Graz also participates in regattas.

Because "Fragiler" is a concrete canoe! Developed by the TU Graz student team Betonkanu TU Graz (concrete canoe), it has already achieved a 2nd place in the German con-crete canoe regatta.

The High Performance Sailing Team of TU Graz glides much faster over the water. The optimized performance sailing boat is not only constantly being improved, the students also take part in regattas with it.

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The "High Performance Sailing Team" of TU Graz takes part in regattas and offers interesting topics for bachelor or master theses in the field of sailing.

And Graz also has an excellent range of relaxed leisure activities in water sports. Surfing on the Mur and paddling with SUPs and kayaks. Taster lessons, courses and rentals are available.

Researchers at TU Graz are looking for solutions to the burning problems of the present. What topics are currently on their radars and what you can study to change the future, you can find out on TU Graz screenshots.


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