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Young Talents

Planet Research

In the Young Talents section you will meet emerging researchers who have already demonstrated remarkable research success – from award-winning master’s and doctoral theses to national and international research awards and grants as well as first authorships in renowned scientific journals.

Niklas Pontesegger steht in einem weißen Labormantel im Labor und hält eine Pipette. Vor ihm liegen drei Äpfel.

Niklas Pontesegger: Science in the Apple Orchard

Niklas Pontesegger visits apple trees for scientific reasons to investigate how climate change is affecting the fruit. For his work he has received a young talent award.   Read more 22. March 2021
Drei junge Männer.

Power grid: Stormy danger for the power grid

Electricity is omnipresent in our lives. So omnipresent that we no longer even consciously perceive it. Except when it's suddenly gone and we're aimlessly searching for a torch.   Read more 23. December 2020


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