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Young Talents

Planet Research

In the Young Talents section you will meet emerging researchers who have already demonstrated remarkable research success – from award-winning master’s and doctoral theses to national and international research awards and grants as well as first authorships in renowned scientific journals.

Searching for the most efficient molecular recipe

Andreas Jeindl simulates the properties that materials ought to have under certain conditions. Among other things, he hopes to improve the OLEDs used in mobile phone screens and solar panels.   Read more 9. August 2019
Eine junge Frau sitzt auf einem schwarzen Ledersessel vor einem Gang. Sie hat die Beine übereinandergeschlagen und schaut direkt in die Kamera. In der Hand hat sie mehrere Papierbögen.

Cryptographer with a penchant for crayons

Cryptographer Maria Eichlseder hides our messages from curious eyes that shouldn’t read them. With her love of paper she defies the classical image of a computer scientist.   Read more 12. February 2019


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