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FoE Sustainable Systems

Planet Research

Research topics in the Field of Expertise Sustainable Systems range from future-oriented urban planning, innovative building technologies and energy systems to the use of renewable energy sources, intelligent energy networks and green mobility.

Eine junge Frau mit blonden Haaren und schwarzem Pullover steht auf einem Balkon und blickt direkt in die Kamera. Ihre Hände sind verschränkt.

Anti-Ageing for fuel cells

Vanja Subotic is conducting research on ageing in fuel cells at an early stage, halting it, and in the best case scenario reversing it. She has received the Josef Krainer Promotion Prize 2019 for her work.   Read more 10. April 2019
Ein oranger Roboterarm druckt gewundene Schnüre aus Beton auf eine Holzplatte.

Coebro: 3D-Printers Learn to Build Houses

Many things today can be produced simply, fast and cheaply using a 3D printer: jewelry, small components and even prototypes. Printing complete houses is still a long way off. For the moment, at least.   Read more 22. February 2019


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