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FoE Mobility & Production

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Researchers in the Field of Expertise Mobility & Production provide ground-breaking solutions to today’s challenges in terrestrial and air traffic, aerospace and production engineering and management. They develop novel vehicle technologies and drive systems as well as more economical, faster and more flexible product manufacturing processes.
A standing in front of a red traffic light looks in the direction of the camera

“I can’t install 100 wall boxes in a block of flats with 100 parking spaces”

Electromobility is not only a drivetrain issue but also an infrastructure issue. Martin Fellendorf from the Institute of Highway Engineering and Transport Planning talks about the challenges involved.   Read more 21. September 2023
A man sits in a laboratory.

“A battery is a diary of driving behaviour.”

Nowadays, batteries are recycled at the end of their (first) life in the best case; in the worst case they end up in a landfill. At TU Graz, research is being carried out on avenues to a safe, second life.   Read more 11. September 2023


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