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FoE Mobility & Production

Planet Research

Researchers in the Field of Expertise Mobility & Production provide ground-breaking solutions to today’s challenges in terrestrial and air traffic, aerospace and production engineering and management. They develop novel vehicle technologies and drive systems as well as more economical, faster and more flexible product manufacturing processes.

A man stands between silver machinery

RCPE Pilot Plant: Highspeed Drug Production

What would fill entire factory halls in large production facilities, has been set up on just a few square meters at Inffeldgasse 13 in Graz: a production plant for medicines.   Read more 17. June 2021
René Rieberer is standing at his lab holding a computer.

René Rieberer: „I’m just interested in everything about it.“

René Rieberer has been a researcher at TU Graz since 1996 and is involved in environmentally friendly heating technology. But it’s not just in research that everything revolves around this; he also monitors his private Heating and ventilation system with all kinds of measurement technology.   Read more 17. June 2021


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