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FoE Mobility & Production

Planet Research

Researchers in the Field of Expertise Mobility & Production provide ground-breaking solutions to today’s challenges in terrestrial and air traffic, aerospace and production engineering and management. They develop novel vehicle technologies and drive systems as well as more economical, faster and more flexible product manufacturing processes.

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The Combustion Engine in the Sustainable Mobility Mix

Fossil combustion engines are generally considered to be less environmentally friendly, as they are responsible for a large proportion of transport-related CO₂ emissions. Helmut Eichlseder, explains why the internal combustion engine cannot be missing from the sustainable mobility mix.   Read more 18. August 2021
A helmet inbetweet to rail tracks.

On the Right Track: Railway Research at TU Graz

Several TU Graz institutes carry out research into transportation by rail, on tracks that criss-cross the countryside, providing an eco-friendly option to bring people to their destination.   Read more 29. July 2021


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