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FoE Mobility & Production

Planet Research

Researchers in the Field of Expertise Mobility & Production provide ground-breaking solutions to today’s challenges in terrestrial and air traffic, aerospace and production engineering and management. They develop novel vehicle technologies and drive systems as well as more economical, faster and more flexible product manufacturing processes.

Several Symbols, fire, storm, wind, etc.

TU Graz Researchers on Disaster Relief Mission

Forest fires, floods, falling rocks and other natural disasters are increasingly causing damage to built structures and, in the worst case, to people. TU Graz researchers are trying to help.   Read more 14. February 2022
Emil Göttlich with his employee at the lab.

In the Turbo-machinery Laboratory at TU Graz

In the Turbomachinery Laboratory at the Institute of Thermal Turbomachinery and Machine Dynamics at TU Graz, Emil Göttlich, head of the laboratory, and his research team study the aerodynamics of aircraft engines.   Read more 17. January 2022


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