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FoE Information, Communication & Computing

Planet Research

Researchers in the Field of Expertise Information, Communication & Computing focus on the challenges of the information age. They deal with the transmission, processing, structuring and storage of information and develop hardware and software for computers, networks and satellite systems.

Michael Kerber sitzt auf einem Schreibtisch in einer kleinen Bibliothek. Hinter ihm steht seine Arbeitsgruppe.

Topological data analysis: Light in complex data jungles

Michael Kerber from the Institute of Geometry at TU Graz uses topological methods – a branch of mathematics and geometry – to extract the secrets of complex data sets.   Read more 12. May 2020
Die Arbeitsgruppe von Oswin Aichholzer steht in einem Büro. Vor ihnen sind zwei Bildschirm mit mathematischen Zeichnungen zu sehen.

In search of the foundations of discrete mathematics

Oswin Aichholzer does basic research – he doesn’t invent, he discovers. The theoretical computer scientist is on the trail of basic mathematical rules which he can model and teach the computer.   Read more 8. April 2020


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