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[Translate to Englisch:] Screenshot of a computer game in which the character is guided through the level along a red line

Accessible Computer Games: Game Lab at TU Graz provides accessibility toolkit for game engine Unity

This makes it easier for game developers to implement game aids for people with disabilities. The toolkit focuses on players with visual impairments.   Read more 11. March 2024
Three pictures of different women next to each other.

Successful Women Scientists at TU Graz

A woman was admitted to study at TU Graz for the first time in 1919. A lot has happened in the 105 years since then. The percentage of female students has steadily risen and women working in science at TU Graz are among the best in their respective fields of research.   Read more 8. March 2024
A fork in the river with green banks, houses and a road

A Healthy Heart Needs a Healthy Environment

Western dietary habits and the industrialised food production required for them are harmful to the microbiome of plants and thus ultimately also to humans and their hearts. What can be done about this?   Read more 9. February 2024


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