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Digital Marketing and Sales

Digital channels and technologies open up fascinating opportunities for companies in the field of marketing and sales to identify new target groups and to bind existing customers more closely to the company.

This specialization places a primary focus on improving the understanding of digital customers and interpreting their wishes and needs. Based on this understanding, we explain how the so-called user experience can be optimized by using digital channels. To act effectively on the basis of this knowledge, the participants receive a comprehensive overview of the latest web technologies in the field of marketing and sales and their possible applications.

This specialization is offered in the form of a cooperation between TU Graz and FH Campus 02.

Modules of the specialization

  • Module: Understanding the Digital Customer
  • Module: Designing the User Experience
  • Module: Marketing Technologies

The modules can be booked individually or as a "Digital Marketing & Sales" package. The participation fees per course/module are € 1,500. Discounts can be offered for booking several modules at the same time.

Target group

Professional and managerial staff

  • from different industries who are interested in promoting the successful digital transformation of their company or business unit
  • from the areas of marketing and sales who want to take even better advantage of the potential offered by digital channels and technologies
  • from all other areas and departments who often deal with employees or service companies in the field of marketing and sales and who would like to receive an overview of the technological possibilities in these areas


  • from the areas of marketing and sales who want to focus on the new potentials offered by digital channels and technologies
  • from all industries and sectors that specialize in digitalization


  • Graduates of various education and continuing education programmes offered at TU Graz and other universities

Module: Understanding the Digital Customer

In this module, you will learn what is meant by a customer journey in digital marketing and how this is connected with so-called personas, among other things. You will also learn more about the customer touchpoints with which the digital customer comes into contact and why this information is so crucial for inbound marketing, branding and, of course, for ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. After all, even in the digital age, it’s vitally important to better understand the customers and to optimize their benefits.

Module: Designing the User Experience

This module focuses on the possibilities offered by and limitations of different digital channels (e.g. social platforms) and how these can be optimized to fit the needs of different uses. In order to improve the so-called user experience, on the one hand, you need to understand basic psychological principles to really understand the modern customer. On the other hand, you will also learn about different content applications and the basic functionalities of selected web tools. However, in this module, we also teach you the relevant basic legal information that enables you to protect your creative work (e.g. copyright and patent law).

Module: Marketing Technologies

In this module, new technological approaches are primarily presented that help you to customize digital channels more effectively for specific groups of customers or to create real added value for them. For this purpose, a comprehensive overview of current technologies in marketing is first given, and we demonstrate how specific technological needs can be precisely communicated to IT specialists. We then discuss the benefits that state-of-the-art technologies offer customers and how tasks from operational practice can be conceptually designed and carried out.

Specialisation Manager

Head of Department Marketing & Sales, CAMPUS 02

The Digital Marketing & Sales specialization provides compact and practical insights into the digital channels and technologies available to companies working in the field of marketing and sales. These help them to increase the customer benefits and to achieve their own goals.


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