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Digital Transformation & Entrepreneurial Leadership

Digitalization not only has an impact on existing companies, but also offers new business opportunities, especially for start-ups: Sound business knowledge is combined with innovative business models, new technologies and diverse forms of teamwork. Everyone who wants to hold their own in this environment not only needs professional expertise, but also leadership skills that can be quickly adapted to meet the challenges of a digitalized working world.

The central topics of this specialization are how to found technology-oriented companies, how to shape the entrepreneurial future and how to act (decisively) when faced with uncertainties. This specialization also emphasizes management and leadership skills with regard to the digital transformation of companies.

Modules of the specialization

  • Module: Technology Entrepreneurship
  • Module: Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurial Expertise
  • Module: Leadership in the Digital Transformation

The modules can be booked individually or as a "Digital Transformation & Entrepreneurial Leadership" package. The participation fees per course/module are € 1,500. Discounts can be offered for booking several modules at the same time.

Target groups

  • (Junior) executives at companies from all sectors that find themselves in a (digital) transformation process
  • Company founders and start-ups
  • ​​​​​​​Consultants with a focus on entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship as well as leadership in digital transformation processes

Module: Technology Entrepreneurship

In this module, you will receive the necessary knowledge that will enable you to start a technological company. This includes knowledge about technological and economic framework conditions and the requirements for start-ups, how to generate creative ideas and to turn them into reality, how to develop a viable business model, to create a business plan, and even technology marketing.

Module: Intrapreneurship & Entrepreneurial Expertise

This module places an emphasis on how to act (decisively) when faced with uncertainties or in a constantly changing environment. In highly practice-oriented units, you will familiarize yourself with the theory of effectuation, which will help you to act as an intrapreneur when placed in an uncertain situation. But you will also learn how you, as a manager or consultant, can shape the conditions for intrapreneurs. This module also presents research-based knowledge that explains how intrapreneurs think, apply decision-making skills and take action.

Module: Leadership in the Digital Transformation

In this module, military leadership and leadership expertise is made available to private-sector companies. You will deepen your knowledge of leadership processes and leadership approaches. A special focus is placed on how to perform leadership tasks in digital ecosystems, digital business models and in companies that are currently undergoing a (digital) transformation process. The module is conducted in cooperation with the Institute for Officer Training at the Theresian Military Academy.

Specialisation Manager

Stefan Vorbach
Univ.-Prof. DI Dr.techn.

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs at TU Graz

Digitalization affects all areas of function within a company. In order for companies to shift from reacting to acting, everyone must know how to and be able to make a personal contribution. Dealing adequately with uncertainties and unpredictable factors in a digital world plays an essential role and makes companies more agile and fit to meet and greet the future.


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