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Digital & Sustainable Production

Currently, many companies that want to change their operational processes and plants are facing huge challenges. No one wants to miss the chance to take part in Industry 5.0 and Smart Production. But the question is: Which digital solutions are suitable for your own company? And how can I apply these solutions while still considering sustainability and, above all, energy efficiency and flexibility?

In this specialization, you’ll not only acquire basic knowledge about technological developments in production, but also learn about opportunities and potentials that new technologies, digitalization and the topic of sustainability can offer in production. Plus, you’ll be introduced to the TU Graz "smartfactory" and take part in discussions on all of the industry-related problems that can be solved with it.

Modules of the specialization

  • Module: Additive Manufacturing
  • Module: Smart Factory
  • Module: Sustainable Production

The modules can be booked individually or as a "Digital & Sustainable Production" package. The participation fees per course/module are € 1,500. Discounts can be offered for booking several modules at the same time.

Target groups

Professionals and managers in industry and SMEs, especially in the fields of

  • Manufacturing and production
  • Plant engineering
  • Production logistics
  • Simulation
  • Measurement, control and regulation technology
  • Materials
  • Research, development and innovation

Project managers

  • In the conception, development and implementation of technologies and processes that are part of Industry 5.0

Company decision-makers and representatives who are responsible for the

  • Digital transformation
  • Sustainability

Management consultants

  • Who have specialized in or want to specialize in digital transformation and sustainability consulting for industrial companies

Alumni from the degree programmes

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Materials Science

Module: Additive Manufacturing

This module places a focus on additive manufacturing. Various additive manufacturing processes are presented, but a special emphasis is also directed toward current trends and the latest findings for and potentials of 3D printers, regarding what they offer as compared to alternative manufacturing processes. Success stories, such as those from medical technology, e-mobility and aviation, will be presented. In a transfer project, you will be asked to select existing products from your own company portfolio and redesign them appropriately for an additive manufacturing process.

Module: Smart Factory

In this module, you will acquire fundamental information about new technologies related to manufacturing and assembly processes (e.g. human-robot collaboration, tool management) but also knowledge and skills related to information and communication technologies (e.g. cloud and edge computing, 5G), as well as modern tools used with these, such as simulation and the use of a digital twin.  These knowledge, skills and tools give you the chance to discover new ways to support performance in the production area and to tackle the initial steps required to apply them as part of a transfer project.

Module: Sustainable Production

In this module, you will learn more about the topics of energy efficiency and energy flexibility. This will help you to meet the current sustainability goals and create the necessary application concepts to do so. For this purpose, basic ways to save energy and resources in production are discussed, but also the first energy efficiency factory (ETA factory), run by the partner university TU Darmstadt, will be presented. This serves as a model for TU Graz while taking a holistic approach (buildings, machines, processes) toward reducing energy and CO2 emissions.

Specialisation Manager

Franz HAAS
Univ.-Prof. DI. Dr.techn.

Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Economic Science,
Head of the Institute of Production Engineering, TU Graz

DI Dr.techn

Head of smartfactory@tugraz,
nstitut of Production Engineering, TU Graz

Industry 5.0, Smart Production and the topic of sustainability present challenges for all companies that either have to change their operational processes and plants or have to create new ones. From planning in a virtual space to using smart components so that the plant "knows" where a product is in the manufacturing process, and on to offering individualised customer production, the Industry 5.0 topic involves many complex tasks but also offers many opportunities.

The smartfactory@tugraz offers industrial robots from a wide range of manufacturers, state-of-the-art production machines, and software solutions that enable real data continuity between deliberately heterogeneously selected systems over the entire product life cycle. The infrastructure of the TU Graz Research and Learning Factory covers many aspects that are needed to create future-oriented digital production concepts and technologies.


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