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Smart & Sustainable Business Economics

Digitalization and sustainability are two essential elements that require numerous changes in the context of business. In order for companies to plan which direction their businesses will move in the future, it is necessary for them to understand sustainability and technology concepts and the circular economy.

This specialization addresses the challenges associated with the sustainability and technology implications for companies. A special focus is placed on the business perspective.

Modules of the specialization

  • Module: Smart Logistics
  • Module: Sustainability Business Economics Lab
  • Module: Technology Marketing & Circular Economy

The modules can be booked individually or as a "Smart & Sustainable Business Economics" package. The participation fees per course/module are € 1,500. Discounts can be offered for booking several modules at the same time.

Target groups

Professional and managerial staff

  • Sustainability managers
  • Buyers, logistics experts and supply chain managers
  • Controllers in the sustainability controlling field
  • Innovation managers
  • Project managers


  • From all industries and sectors that have or want to direct their consulting efforts toward the area of sustainability

Module: Smart Logistics

This module provides basic knowledge about current technologies and technology concepts in the field of smart logistics. First, the necessary basics will be presented (fundamentals, functions, sub-areas, goals) as well as directions of development and future perspectives in logistics. This knowledge will serve as a basis for theoretically sound knowledge that you will then gain in the areas of technologies (digitalization) and technology concepts (digital transformation) related to Smart Logistics. This theoretical knowledge is always supplemented by state-of-the-art practical examples and empirical findings. Among other things, you will adopt the role of the responsible manager, tackle practical problems and try out digitalization technologies (e.g. augmented reality, tools for human-machine collaboration, simulation/digital twin).

Module: Sustainability Business Economics Lab

This module helps you to improve your sustainability skills in a business management context. You will be given a systematic overview of sustainability concepts and their relevance to different aspects of business management. You will also be introduced to tools, guidelines and techniques that you can use to apply sustainability practices in a business context. After successfully completing this module, you will be able to independently create and evaluate sustainability concepts and apply them in a business management project.

Module: Technology Marketing & Circular Economy

In order to manage technological companies, customer-centred decision-making is necessary in operational practice, depending on the respective business type and including how regenerative systems are considered in the business. This module, therefore, places a focus on the marketing aspects of technical sales, technology goods marketing, business-to-business marketing and industrial goods marketing, as well as covers the topics of design circular, circular economy and sustainability as a business model. An outlook of future challenges that companies may encounter rounds off this module.

Specialisation Manager

Volker KOCH
DI Dr.techn.

Institute of Business Administration and Industrial Sociology, TU Graz

“By taking a business approach toward sustainability and technology concepts, the participants get a systematic overview and a comprehensive understanding of the operational effects of these concepts on a company. Sustainability and technology concepts can be developed as part of operational decision-making and the corresponding skills can be acquired by performing independent analyses and evaluations.”


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