SafeLIB Competence Center for Excellent Technology (COMET project)

A collaboration between ICTM, VSI, JKU, LIT law lab and industrial partners, supported by FFG, BMK, BMDW, the province of Upper Austria and Styria as well as SFG

Lithium-ion batteries (LIB) are regarded as the key technology for battery storage and are finding an ever wider first life application as traction batteries for vehicles. Their continued use in stationary or other mobile applications ("Second Life") is becoming increasingly important for reasons of sustainability, but also for economic considerations: whether in e.g. electrical energy storage systems or in industrial trucks. In addition to many advantages, however, LIB has a not inconsiderable hazard potential (e.g. fire) regardless of the area of application. To ensure the operational safety of LIB over its entire life cycle there is currently a lack of sufficiently detailed understanding and knowledge. This includes the safety-relevant evaluation and qualification, but also the improved early design of automotive LIB (A-LIB) for their reliable use ("First Life"), reuse (especially after an accident) and further use in another application area ("Second Life").

Financial Support: The project is supported by the FFG as well as by the SFG (Steirische Wiftschaftsförderungsgesellschaft m.b.H). We gratefully acknowledge this financial support.


Austrian Research Promotion Agency
Steirische Wiftschaftsförderungsgesellschaft m.b.H


Contact information

Vehicle Safety Institute, VSI
Institut für Fahrzeugsicherheit

Inffelgasse 23/I
A-8010 Graz- Austria

Assoc.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Sinz
Ass.-Prof. Dr. Christian Ellersdorfer

Institute for Chemistry and Technology of Materials
Institut für Chemische Technologie von Materialien

Stremayrgasse 9
A-8010 Graz - Austria

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Martin Wilkening


Success Stories of the former project: SafeBattery

Over the past years several Success Stories appeared highlighting important aspects of the research programme of SafeBattery. SafeBattery spans the bow from purely fundamental reasch to application-driven engineering.

  • Equivalent Vibration Life Expectancy Profile for Lithium-Ion Batteries PDF
  • Safe Batteries Through Homogeneous Materials PDF
  • Safety of Pre-Loaded Li-Ion Battery Cells in a Crash PDF
  • Mechanical and Safety Behaviour of Cycle-Aged Li-Ion Battery Cells PDF
  • Comprehensive Hazard Analysis of Failing Automotive Li-Ion BatteriesVersion PDF
  • Orthotropic Thermal Conductivity Measurement of Pouch Li-Ion Batteries PDF

Further information:

Ass. Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Christian Ellersdorfer

Vehicle Safety Institute, VSI (TU Graz)
Inffelgasse 23/I
8010 Graz