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Ass.-Prof. Dr. Ilie Hanzu @ ICTM

Advanced Electrochemistry - Nanostructured Materials in the Wilkening group

In my research group, which is an integral part of the group of Martin Wilkening, nanostructured materials are prepared by electrochemical techniques. We use advanced electrochemical techniques to explore the properties of materials when used as active materials in Li-ion and Na-ion batteries. Special emphasis is put on nanostructured titania and titania nanotubes which we synthesize by electrochemical etching. 

In the project Solabat we aim to combine photovoltaic cells and electrochemical energy storage systems into a single hybrid device. In the hybrid system, high-performance materials share their tasks in the solar cell and in the battery.


  • Dr. Roman Zettl
  • Philipp Wallenko (MSc student)
  • Antonia Ferbezar (MSc student)

former co-workers: Dr. Marina Brinek, Dr. Denise Tapler (Prutsch), Dr. M. Uitz, Dr. H. Brandstätter, P. Hofmann, M. Piskernik

Selected publications:

Redox processes in sodium vanadium phosphate cathodes – insights from operando magnetometry, G. Klinser, R. Zettl, M. Wilkening, H. Krenn,  I. Hanzu, R. Würschum, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. (2019) in press. 

Nanostructured Ceramics: Ionic Transport and Electrochemical Activity - A short journey across various families of materials, D. Prutsch, S. Breuer, M. Uitz, B. Stanje, J. Langer, P. Bottke, S. Lunghammer, P. Posch, V. Pregartner, M. Philipp, A. Dunst, D. Wohlmuth, H. Brandstätter, W. Schmidt, V. Epp, A. Chadwick, I. Hanzu and M. Wilkening, Z. Phys. Chem. 231 (2017) 1361.

Electrochemical preparation of tin–titania nanocomposite arrays, D. Prutsch, M. Wilkening, I. Hanzu, RSC Adv. 6 (2016) 98243.

Long Cycle-Life Na-ion Anodes Based on Amorphous Titania Nanotubes - Interfaces and Diffusion  D. Prutsch, M. Wilkening, and I. Hanzu, Appl. Mater. Interfaces 7 (2015) 25757.

Contact Information

Institute for Chemistry and Technology of Materials
Institut für Chemische Technologie von Materialien

Stremayrgasse 9
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for initial contact:
Prof. Dr. Ilie Hanzu / Head of Solabat