AuCerS "Young Scientist Award 2024" for Jurij Koruza

At the 12th Workshop and General Assembly of the Austrian Ceramic Society (AuCerS), Assoc. Prof. Jurij Koruza has received the “AuCerS Young Scientist Award 2024” for his work on ferroelectric and piezoelectric ceramics. The award is given to young researchers in Austria for outstanding contributions to the field of ceramic materials.

  "FEMtech practicum" scholarship for Lara Maierbrugger

Our group member Lara Maierbrugger has received the “FEMtech Practicum” scholarship from the FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency), which supports talented young female researchers to conduct research work in the industry or at non-university research facilities. This will enable her to develop new piezoceramic-polymer composites for sensing applications at the Joanneum Research Center “Materials” in Weiz.