Teaching Activities in 2019-2023

Courses in the winter term (full list)

  • Anorganisch-Chemische Technologie I (steel, nanocrystalline materials, ceramics, glasses, materials science)
  • Anorganisch-Chemische Technologie II (materials for batteries and other electrochemical storage systems)
  • Solid-State Electrochemistry
  • Introduction to Solid-State Chemistry and Introduction to Solid-State Chemistry for Advanced Materials Science
  • Solid-State Spectroscopy
  • Physikalische Chemie II (next semester at TU Graz, WS 2023/24)
  • Energy and Environmental Science
  • Batteries and Supercaps


  • Chemie und Technologie von Materialien, 638.001
  • Seminar for MSc theses

Lab courses: please visit TUG Online

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Martin Wilkening
Chair of Solid Chemistry of New Energy Storage Materials

Graz University of Technology