Christian Slugovc received his Diploma and his Ph.D. from Vienna University of Technology in 1996 and 1998. At that time he was working in the group of Prof. Karl Kirchner on organo-ruthenium-compounds but also molybdenum and tungsten complexes. His research was directed towards the development of catalysts for fine chemical synthesis and the elucidation of mechanisms. In 1997 he was appointed Universitätsassistent (Assistant Professor) at the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry at Vienna University of Technology.

From 1999 to 2000 C. Slugovc did a "postdoc" at the CSIC-Sevilla, working in the group of Prof. Ernesto Carmona on the chemistry of stoichiometric and catalytic C-H activation using iridium complexes.

Back in Vienna he became interested in economic and environmental aspects and received a ‘Master of Advanced Studies' in environmental management. His diploma thesis was dedicated to the implementation of the ‘VOC Anlagenverordnung' in the manufactory of Liebherr in Nenzing. in 2005 he received a MSc degree in environmental management.

At the beginning of 2002, he joined Graz University of Technology as  Universitätsassistent (Assistant Professor) working in the group of Prof. Franz Stelzer.  In late 2007 he did his habilitation for 'Macromolecular Chemistry' and became Associate Professor in January 2008.

During the first years research on dental fillings (EC-FP6 Dentalopt), sensor materials (Austrian Nanoinitiative - ISOTEC cluster - project-leader of  SENSMAT), conductive inks for ink-jet printing, alternative materials and coatings for circuit boards (both competence center projects of the PCCL) and biocidal polymers (EC-FP7-SME-BIOSURF, project leader - BIOSURF was the first SME-scheme project ever coordinated by an Austrian - followed by an FFG project KONZID) was conducted. The research on biocidal polymers cummulated in the 3rd place in the Houska prize competition 2010. More recently the Slugovc-group participated in a huge EC-project (EC-FP7-EUMET) aimed at breaking the supremacy of the US in the field of Olefin Metathesis catalysts. Endeavours of adding value to lignin (FFG projects LIGPOLY and LIGNOPOLY) close this brief research history list. C. Slugovc is the co-inventor of 13 patents and co-authored 195 peer reviewed papers.

Christian Slugovc is member of the board of the symposia series "International Symposium on Olefin Metathesis and Related Chemistry" (ISOM) and associate editor of the journal Monatshefte für Chemie (Springer Verlag). He is the director of the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Organocatalysis in Polymerization.

Research in the Slugovc Group focuses on the advancement of catalytic polymerization reactions by targeting more efficient catalytic processes and by developing a comprehensive mechanistic understanding of the studied reactions at the molecular level.

Publications in peer reviewed journals

for earlier work see the researcherID, ORCID or the google scholar entry of CS.


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