Antiferroelectric materials

Polarization hysteresis of antiferroelectrics with reversible field-induced transition. © J. Koruza

Antiferroelectrics exhibit a large potential for the use in various electronic devices due to their high energy-storage density (capacitors), field-dependent permittivity (tunable dielectrics), inverse electrocaloric effect (solid-state coolers), and multiple non-volatile states (neuromorphic computing). We are developing new lead-free antiferroelectric material compositions, explore their characteristics and limitations, and study the underlying physical mechanisms responsible for their unique behavior.


Selected results and publications:

Lead-free antiferroelectric NaNbO3-SrSnO3 at room temperature. © J. Koruza, M.-H. Zhang


We developed a new lead-free antiferroelectric compositions based on the NaNbO3-SrSnO3 system, with a reversible room-temperature E-field-induced transition. Changing the composition enabled the transition between antiferroelectric states (with room-temperature double polarization loops) and relaxor states.


ZHANG, Mao-Hua, DING, Hui, EGERT, Sonja, ZHAO, Changhao, VILLA, Lorenzo, FULANOVIC, Lovro, GROSZEWICZ, Pedro B., BUNTKOWSKY, Gerd, KLEEBE, Hans-Joachim, ALBE, Karsten, KLEIN, Andreas, KORUZA, Jurij. Tailoring high-energy storage NaNbO3-based materials from antiferroelectric to relaxor states. Nature Communications, 2023, vol. 14, 1525.

ZHANG, Mao-Hua, HADAEGHI, Niloofar, EGERT, Sonja, DING, Hui, ZHANG, Hongbin, GROSZEWICZ, Pedro B., BUNTKOWSKY, Gerd, KLEIN, Andreas, KORUZA, Jurij. Design of Lead-free Antiferroelectric (1-x)NaNbO3-xSrSnO3 Compositions Guided by First-Principles Calculations. Chemistry of Materials, 2021, vol. 33, 266-274.

Grain size - temperature phase diagram for NaNbO3 ceramics. © J. Koruza


Studies of the field-induced transitions in pure NaNbO3 revealed irreversible phase transition behavior and gave further insights into the transition mechanism. We demonstrated the existence of a new phase transition between ferroelectric and antiferroelectric states, which can be induced by changing the grain size of polycrystalline samples.



ZHANG, Mao-Hua, FULANOVIĆ, Lovro, EGERT, Sonja, DING, Hui, GROSZEWICZ, Pedro B., KLEEBE, Hans-Joachim, MOLINA-LUNA, Leopoldo, KORUZA, Jurij. Electric-field-induced antiferroelectric to ferroelectric phase transition in polycrystalline NaNbO3. Acta Materialia, 2020, vol. 200, 127-135.

ZHANG, Mao-Hua, FULANOVIĆ, Lovro, ZHAO, Changhao, KORUZA, Jurij. Review on field-induced phase transitions in lead-free NaNbO3-based antiferroelectric perovskite oxides for energy storage. Journal of Materiomics, 2022, vol. 9, 1-18.

KORUZA, Jurij*, GROSZEWICZ, Pedro*, BREITZKE, Hergen, BUNTKOWSKY, Gerd, ROJAC, Tadej, MALIČ, Barbara. Grain-size-induced ferroelectricity in NaNbO3. Acta Materialia, 2017, vol. 126, 77-85. (* co-first authors)


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