Open Day 2024

Thank you for visiting us at the Open Day on 4 April 2024! Do you have further questions about your future studies at the Faculty of CSBME? Get in contact with us on Discord!

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Camera drones and AI

Camera drones are flying robots. Using AI algorithms, people and other objects can be recognized in images taken by the drones. This technology can be used to search for missing persons or for surveying and inspection applications.

Location: Inffeldgasse 25/E, EG (MEEG152)

Security of tomorrow

How insecure is your cell phone? Help us find the most insecure cell phone! You can also charge your cell phone with us if you trust our charging station. Take a look into the future with us: see how energy can be saved with cyber security or how medical diagnoses can be calculated securely based on encrypted patient data.

  • Cell phone charging station
  • Insecure cell phone
  • Crypto
  • Energy
  • Student team "Los Fuzzys"
  • Data protection and trust

Who do we trust when we use data encryption technology? How do we know that encryption is really secure? How can I check that my privacy is really protected?

  • Data protection and trust

Location: Inffeldgasse 16a/EG


Would you like to play the piano but don't have time to learn it from scratch? We use augmented reality to combine musical instructions with the view of the instrument. The intuitive and natural visualization of songs allows beginners to play any song without having to read sheet music.

Location: Sandgasse 36/EG (Foyer)

OpenReassembly: Collaborative assembly of archaeological artifacts in the virtual age

Immerse yourself in the world of archaeology! Try your hand as an archaeologist at the virtual reassembly of one of the most important Austrian marble artifacts from the early Christian period!

Location: Data House, Sandgasse 36/E (Foyer)


In the Mixed Reality and Motion Capture Lab, we focus on pushing the boundaries of mixed reality experiences. We provide an in-depth look at our research into whole-body motion capture for multiple users and show how augmented reality, virtual reality and haptic feedback devices are being used in industries such as mining, manufacturing and motorsports. You'll also get a sneak peek at how we use cutting-edge technology to interact with digital twins through immersive visualizations.

Location: Data House, Sandgasse 36/EG (DHEG005)

Game LAB

Location: Data House, Sandgasse 36/EG (DHEG107)