with Inaugural Lecture of Martin Uecker

17th November, 2022


15:00 Welcome

15:15 Research Talks
Yannic Maus
Robert Peharz
Theresa Rienmüller
Sujoy Sinha-Roy

16:30 Dean´s List Ceremony and !New! Students'List
top 5% students of first/second/ year and degree, 12.000€ scholarship award and
Award of best course of winter semester 21/22 in our studies BME, CS/SEM and ICE

17:15 Inaugural Lecture: Martin Uecker

Martin Uecker

Computational Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a medical imaging technology with fascinating capabilities. MRI is best understood as an universal computer-controlled sensing technology based on the physics of nuclear magnetic resonance. New techniques based on computational imaging developed during the last decade now start unlock its full potential. In these techniques data acquisition and reconstruction are jointly designed, integrating advanced signal models that accurately describe the physics of signal generation with new efficient sampling and measurement strategies. Recent methods also make optimal use of prior knowledge, e.g. using machine learning. New computational methods were not only used to speed up  conventional MRI scans but also enable completely new clinical and scientific applications. Important examples are real-time MRI of physiological processes such as the beating heart or the accelerated quantitative mapping of physical quantities, such as flow, diffusion, magnetic susceptibility, and much more.



Aula "Alte Technik",
Rechbauerstraße 12

November 17th, 3:00pm

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