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Third Mission Field of Action

TU Graz is aware of its societal responsibilities. In the third mission field of action, which broadly addresses the transfer of knowledge to society and the economy, one goal is to increase the transfer function and reach of the educational offers. TU Graz wants to create offers for new target groups, thus increasing the educational opportunities for society, as well as to support the location as a site of innovation.

Qualification Programme for Electronic Based Systems

One project in the third mission field of action is the new innovation course "Inno-EBS", which is funded by the FFG. In this continuing education programme, which is being designed jointly with other universities and universities of applied sciences, training and continuing education programmes in the area of Electronic Based Systems (EBS) will be created for industry. From February 2020 to July 2023, employees at the participating partner companies will be trained as certified EBS specialists, enabling them to gain expertise in the areas of hardware, software, systems engineering, and innovation management. The plan is to include the course sustainably in the TU Graz Life Long Learning portfolio and to make it accessible to all interested parties in the future.

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"It is more important than ever right now to offer modularised qualification programmes to increase the transfer of university knowledge to external target groups, especially in the key industry of electronic based systems, which is so crucial for Austria. Training and continuing education courses on individual EBS topics already exist, but the interdisciplinary approach being taken in the new Inno-EBS course is unique."

Bernd Deutschmann, Head of Third Mission


In the field of microelectronics, an EU-funded initiative called "METIS - MicroElectronics Training, Industry and Skills" was launched. Together with European partners, industry partners and education providers will work more closely together to address the shortage of skilled workers. To do so, a new skills strategy for the microelectronics industry in Europe is being developed. The associated training has been developed to support emerging industries such as artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, and Industry 4.0.

You can find all information at www.metis4skills.eu.

Online Learning: TU Graz Courses on edX.org

As part of the third mission field of action, TU Graz is providing even more online offers. The programme "Side Channel Security Basics" and the course "Electromagnetic Compatibility Essentials" established a new partnership in March 2022, in which TU Graz will make selected educational offers available via the e-learning platform edX.org to over 42 million learners around the world. The content is available free of charge, and learners can request a certificate of completion. Interested parties can register for the TU Graz courses via the edX website. In this way, TU Graz wants to express its firm commitment to society and create innovative continuing education opportunities that are available to everyone.

More information can be found in the "TU Graz news" article about the offers.

TU Graz Course Offer via edX.org

TU Graz offers various courses via the online learning platform edX.org. The content is available free of charge, and learners can also request a certificate of completion.

TU Graz Courses on edX.org


Head of Third Mission
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