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Teaching Field of Action

Digitalisation in teaching comprises both supporting teaching and teaching digitalisation. TU Graz wants to actively match the competitive level on the national and international student markets by offering students and teachers an attractive and competitive learning and teaching environment. Individual education is promoted through educational informatics with the support of contemporary methodology and (media) didactics. New studies are presented to familiarise students with fundamental aspects of digitalisation and informatics as well as their social impact.

The projects presented here are financially supported by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research as part of the "Digital and Social Transformation in Higher Education" call for proposals:

iMooX - the MOOC platform as a service for all Austrian universities

Freely accessible and openly licensed online courses (Massive Open Online Courses, MOOC) are offered via iMooX.at on various topics. These courses are available to anyone who is interested free of charge, at any time or place; you can learn anytime, anywhere. The aim is to make educational content produced at the university level accessible to a broad segment of the population and to give as many people as possible the opportunity to pursue continuing education. TU Graz has operated the platform since 2013. As part of the project "iMooX - the MOOC platform as a service for all Austrian universities", this platform will be expanded in technical, organisational, logistical and media-didactic ways so that all Austrian universities will be able to offer as many MOOCs as they would like via the platform, at least for foreseeable future. Every semester, more exciting courses will be added to the list of courses offered. As a matter of principle, Creative Commons licences are used, so that all content offered on iMooX can be used for personal (teaching) purposes and reused (free of charge).

The project is being carried out under the leadership of TU Graz together with the University of Vienna and over 14 university cooperation partners.

Video: iMooX – the MOOC platform as a service for all Austrian universities

Markus Ebner and Martin Ebner (Digital TU Graz, Teaching Field of Action) describe the iMooX project (in German).

Learning Analytics – Placing a focus on students

Students generate a large amount of variable data that is available to higher education institutions. As part of the project, these data are processed in ways that allow it to be directly reported back to students. The tools developed can help students optimise their learning strategies and thus learn how to manage their studies more effectively. In this way, their ability to study will increase, and the university will be perceived more strongly as place that supports learning. The focus is directed toward evidence-based learning support and intervention, whereby learning content and methods can be adapted to meet students' needs. These efforts are complemented by the individual support and feedback offered to all student groups in different teaching settings.

The project is being carried out under the leadership of TU Graz together with the University of Graz and the University of Vienna.

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Information for TU Graz teachers and students via the TU4U intranet

Video: Learning Analytics – Placing a focus on students

Markus Ebner and Martin Ebner (Digital TU Graz, Field of Action Teaching) describe the Learning Analytics project (in German).

OEAA – Open Education Austria Advanced

By jointly developing a national infrastructure for Open Educational Resources (OER), the OEAA Austrian universities project contributes to the free use of educational content from the teaching setting and establishes open practices that are analogous to those used in the research setting (Open Access, Open Data). For the first time, an attempt is being made to connect the services offered by partner university e-learning centres, central IT services, and libraries in order to help teachers to create OER materials that can be used for self-study and teaching. The project has been developed to gradually increase the quality of teaching and learning as well as the visibility of best-practice materials in the respective disciplines.

TU Graz cooperates in the OEAA project with the University of Vienna, which leads the project, the University of Graz, the University of Innsbruck, the Forum Neue Medien in der Lehre Austria (fnma) and the Austrian Institute for Vocational Training Research (in German: Österreichisches Institut für Berufsbildungsforschung or öibf), among others.

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Teaching Digital Thinking - strategies for conception, mediation, revitalisation, and sustainable implementation

Shaping the digital transformation requires us to provide education that teaches both technical and social skills. The Teaching Digital Thinking project inspired the Master's Degree Programme in Computational Social Systems (in cooperation with the University of Graz). In this programme, students acquire skills that enable them to understand the digital society and to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the digital transformation. The master's degree programme combines the field of computer science with those of psychology, sociology, law, and business administration; therefore, it uniquely combines these diverse perspectives and skills. This project started with a kick-off event for all students on 11 October 2021. The Bachelor's Degree Programme in Digital Engineering is also an example of interdisciplinary teaching. In addition to new curricula, TU Graz is also further developing computer science teaching with respect to the existing curricula in order to make them more relevant and attractive for all students.

In the Teaching Digital Thinking project, TU Graz is cooperating with the University of Vienna, which is leading the project, among others.

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CodeAbility Austria - Digitally supported programming education at Austrian universities

The digital transformation is affecting all forms of society and companies. Basic programming skills will be indispensable in professions in the future. It is important to help the broader public develop these skills as quickly as possible in simple, accessible, and rapid ways. Access to high-quality programming education for students in all fields of study forms the foundation for many subsequent teaching and research developments at Austrian universities. CodeAbility Austria was developed to bundle competences and create a platform that does justice to the dynamic, rapidly changing learning goals and technologies and that provides individual support for both teachers and students. This new platform is being used in courses at several TU Graz faculties.

TU Graz is cooperating in the CodeAbility Austria project with the University of Innsbruck, which is leading the project, among others.

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Head of Teaching I (iMooX, Learning Analytics, OEAA)
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Roderick BLOEM
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