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Overview: Research and Business

Research and practical application go hand in hand at TU Graz. The university works closely with companies, driving innovation. Partnerships with regional SMEs and with international concerns are of equal importance.

Become a Partner Company of TU Graz

From lecture room sponsorship to endowed professorships and strategic cooperation: TU Graz believes in long-term partnerships. Under Become a Partner Company of TU Graz you can see which model is suitable for your company.

Projects with Companies

Do you want to undertake an innovation project together with TU Graz? Find out how it would work and look at best practice examples under Projects with Companies.

Competence Centres

Which cooperation ventures currently reflect the strong position of TU Graz in the COMET Programme of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency? Where does TU Graz hold company shares? Read about the details under Competence Centres

Business Enterprises – Start-ups and Spin-offs

Founding companies – start-ups and spin-offs From an idea to a company: TU Graz encourages entrepreneurship on all levels. Here you can read about Business Enterprises – Start-ups and Spin-offs.

Christian Doppler (CD) Laboratories at TU Graz

Christian Doppler laboratories engage in application-oriented high-level fundamental research. In this context, distinguished scientists co-operate with innovative enterprises. Read more on page Christian Doppler (CD) Laboratories at TU Graz

Publishing Job Vacancies

Publishing job vacancies How can companies attract highly qualified graduates and TU Graz students? Here you can find out about Publishing Job Vacancies.

TU Graz – Science for Future

At the annual interdisciplinary science day TU Graz – Science for Future, researchers from TU Graz demonstrate how they are stepping up to meet societal challenges in all disciplines with innovative technologies and helping to shape our future.

Research and Business @ TU Graz