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Online Learning: TU Graz Courses on edX.org

02/23/2022 | TU Graz news | University

By Victoria Graf

Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) continues to expand its range of online courses on edX, the global online learning platform from 2U. TU Graz courses on cyber security and electronics will be available from March.

A sitcom provides you with basic knowledge about side-channel security.

The Professional Certificate Programme “Side-Channel Security Basics” and the course “Electromagnetic Compatibility Essentials” mark the start of a new partnership in which TU Graz will make a range of selected courses available via edX.org to over 42 million learners around the world. The courses are offered in English and all content is available to try free of charge. Optionally, learners can obtain a certificate on passing an examination. The two TU Graz courses start on 22 March, and those interested can already register for them now.

Side-Channel Security sitcom

A team led by Daniel Gruss from the Institute of Applied Information Processing and Communications at TU Graz, who was involved in the discovery of sensational security vulnerabilities such as Meltdown and Spectre in recent years, is dedicated to the topic of cybersecurity. The first course in his programme Side-Channel Security explains what side-channel attacks actually are and why protection against them plays an important role in different areas. No previous subject-specific knowledge is necessary. The second course covers the subject in greater depth (building on basic programming knowledge). Those who wish can obtain a certificate for each course after successfully completing the exercises. Completing both courses will award learners a Professional Certificate.
“The programme is not only relevant for computer science students, but also for software developers or people who work with IT systems in companies, for example as administrators. We provide essential information to correctly assess the security of systems and software. Nothing is more dangerous than a false sense of security,” says Gruss. The form of the course promises a special learning experience, as the content is taught as a sitcom – and at a “broadcast time” that can be chosen by the participants themselves.

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Get an insight into the course Side-Channel Security with this video trailer.

Electromagnetic Compatibility

The course Electromagnetic Compatibility Essentials by a team led by Bernd Deutschmann and Ko Odreitz from the Institute of Electronics at TU Graz is aimed at employees from the electronics industry as well as Master’s students in the appropriate fields. The course offers insights into fundamental knowledge that is indispensable for successful work in the electronics industry: namely, how do technical appliances influence each other through (unwanted) electromagnetic effects? Theory and practice are interwoven to provide an insight into laboratory activities relevant to practice. “We will acquaint all those interested with the apparently unknown topic of electromagnetic compatibility in the most entertaining way possible – there hasn’t been a course quite like this so far,” explains Bernd Deutschmann. Over a dozen exclusively recorded educational videos shed light on the topic from a new perspective. The learning experience is supported by diverse animations, well thought-out texts and interactive quizzes. An optional certificate can also be obtained for this course.

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Get an insight into the course Electromagnetic Compatibility Essentials with this video trailer.

The start of a promising partnership

TU Graz is implementing the partnership with edX.org as part of its strategic project “Digital TU Graz”, namely in the third mission field of action – the transfer of knowledge to society and business. Claudia von der Linden, Vice Rector for Digitalisation and Change Management, emphasizes: “TU Graz is aware of its responsibility to society. Therefore, in the third mission field of action, we pursue the goal of increasing the transfer function and reach of our educational offers. We want to create low-threshold offers for new target groups and thus increase the educational opportunities of society.” Further courses, including “Pharmaceutical Engineering”, will follow in the course of the next few years.

“I am excited to welcome TU Graz to the edX partner network with important courses and programmes in cybersecurity and electronics,” said Anant Agarwal, edX founder and 2U Chief Open Education Officer. “TU Graz is a leading institution in these subject areas, and this unique learning content will be valuable to our global community of over 42 million learners that are curious about or looking to upskill in these subject areas.”


No matter where you are and what time it is, with the TU Graz courses Side-Channel Security and Electromagnetic Compatibility Essentials you can continue your education anywhere and any time on the online platform edX.org. Sign up for it right away via https://www.edx.org/school/tugrazx.


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