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Face to face

Blauer Hintergrund. Ein weißhaariger Mann blickt lächelnd in die Kamera.

‘I’m a travelling salesman for visual computing’

Dieter W. Fellner is a pioneer in the field of computer graphics - between Graz and Darmstadt he sees himself as a ‘travelling salesman for visual computing’. He just received an award for his merits.   Read more 3. July 2018
Peter Brunnhofer bei einem Versuchsaufbau im Betriebsfestigkeitslabor.

Run of the mill would be boring

What structural durability and bouldering have in common and how mechatronics engineer Peter Brunnhofer came to be head of the Fatigue Testing Laboratory at TU Graz is revealed in the interview.   Read more 17. May 2018


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