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Students, staff in research, teaching and administration as well as our rectorate – all of them are TU Graz. In 'Face to face' you can meet the people who make TU Graz what it is. Read about how they came to work here, what motivates them and what goals they are working towards. The editorial team welcomes your suggestions, feedback and information about current events. Please contact us by email.
Smiling woman between many cables.

Between Electrical Engineering, Ballet and the Energy Supply of the Future

She matriculated in Chinese, is a state-certified ballerina and an award-winning doctoral student at TU Graz. Carina Lehmal on her soft spot for electrical engineering and how she is involved in the expansion of renewable energies.   Read more 19. July 2022
Portrait of a man in a blue jumper and white shirt, leaning against a column with folded arms

No Legacy of Pollution for the Next Generation

As a recreational athlete, Alexander Passer trains his endurance. The TU Graz Professor of Sustainable Construction also needs staying power in his job. He wants to initiate a paradigm shift in construction.   Read more 17. June 2022


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