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Students, staff in research, teaching and administration as well as our rectorate – all of them are TU Graz. In 'Face to face' you can meet the people who make TU Graz what it is. Read about how they came to work here, what motivates them and what goals they are working towards.

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A portrait of a woman.

Christina Fior: "The unknown is always scary."

Christina Fior is studying Biomedical Engineering at TU Graz. In an interview, she explains why role models are so important for young women.   Read more 10. March 2022
Woman with black jacket and red scarf sitting in a fauteuil in conversation situation. © ClemensNestroy - alumniTUGraz1887

“Different rules apply to women in professional life”

She was “a wild one” as a child, loves the smell of metal and uses challenges as open doors. TU Graz graduate Esther Lind on technical studies, prejudices and her career in a male domain.   Read more 8. March 2022


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