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Students, staff in research, teaching and administration as well as our rectorate – all of them are TU Graz. In 'Face to face' you can meet the people who make TU Graz what it is. Read about how they came to work here, what motivates them and what goals they are working towards.

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Mann mit Bart und junge Frau vor violetter Wand, an einem Tisch sitzend im Gespräch

"Nobody does their studies alone"

Many first-semester students start their studies at TU Graz with the exercise course "Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering". Paul Baumgartner and Daniela Hell explain in the interview why feedback counts more for them than the recently won State Prize for Teaching.   Read more 23. September 2021
Young man in white shirt with cat on his lap at computer workstation..

“I want to take action, as do many millennials”

There is a strong presence of responsibility in Ivan Knechtl's journey. Studying Environmental Systems Sciences at TU Graz, he wants to make an impact for climate protection. Here is his story for all who don’t know what to do after finishing school.   Read more 26. August 2021


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