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Students, staff in research, teaching and administration as well as our rectorate – all of them are TU Graz. In 'Face to face' you can meet the people who make TU Graz what it is. Read about how they came to work here, what motivates them and what goals they are working towards.

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Two young men with working documents and laptops at a wooden table.

"It was in my master's degree that I discovered my passion"

Paul Langhans and Rudolf-Martin Gradinger have found their strengths by circuitous routes – and are using them in a simulated Mars mission in the master's degree course Geospatial Technologies at TU Graz.   Read more 6. May 2020
Junge Frau am Computer

Researcher of patterns in the large text of DNA

Leila Taher searches a "strange text" of three billion letters for patterns that define us as human beings. The TU Graz bioinformatician reads the human genome – and loves unanswered questions.   Read more 28. February 2020


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