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Students, staff in research, teaching and administration as well as our rectorate – all of them are TU Graz. In 'Face to face' you can meet the people who make TU Graz what it is. Read about how they came to work here, what motivates them and what goals they are working towards.

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"If we're generating enthusiasm, it's working"

Rector Kainz explains in an interview what the entrepreneurial spirit of TU Graz staff is based on, what role sustainability plays in this, and what drives students and researchers to achieve exceptional things.   Read more 27. May 2021
TU Graz-Forscher vor Auto-Karosserie

Digital Transformation in Mobility: "The Potential Is There, But It Won't Fall into Our Laps."

TU Graz researcher Mario Hirz leads the mobility module in the university course "Leadership in digital transformation" planned for autumn 2021. In this interview, he talks about the entrepreneurial opportunities of autonomous driving and new vehicle concepts.   Read more 2. April 2021


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