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Erasmus+ Traineeship

Erasmus+ traineeships are internships designed for students from universities of the 28 EU Member States, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey. Detailed information provided by the European Commission

Traineeships have a duration from 2 up to 12 months. They are based upon an individual agreement between the trainee, his or her supervisor at the home university and a supervisor in the host university. So, you can apply for an Erasmus+ traineeship even when there is no bilateral contract between your home university and TU Graz.

Most trainees come to TU Graz for their Bachelor Project or Master Thesis.

TU Graz is very interested in enrolling all international Erasmus+ trainees in order to provide accident and liability insurance for them during their work on the campus, as it is guaranteed to every local student.

The International Office – Welcome Center cannot arrange internships for international students at TU Graz, but gladly supports you during the enrolment process.

Contact - incoming students

Mag. phil.
Phone: +43 316 873 6422

Visiting address: Lessingstraße 32, 1st Floor, 8010 Graz

Contact - outgoing students

Information about the programme and contact person

see TU4U

Application Procedure

If you want to do a traineeship in the framework of Erasmus+, you need to have a supervisor at TU Graz. If there is no contact between your home professor and a TU Graz professor, you have to contact the appropriate institute of TU Graz directly and find yourself a supervisor in your own responsibility.
  • How to find a supervisor?

    Please search for the appropriate institute in the tree structure you find on the lefthand side of the home page of TUGRAZonline. There is a detailed description available for each and every institute, so you can see what research focus they have.

    Contact the Head of the respective Institute by writing a short, but precise application for your traineeship, outlining your research interest and experience, and attach your CV.
When you have found yourself a supervisor, you have to complete the form Erasmus+ Learning Agreement for Traineeships. While completing the form, please use the Guidelines on how to use the Learning Agreement for Traineeships. This learning agreement serves as a contract between you, the sending institution and the institute of TU Graz, and sums up the expected outcome of this traineeship. When all three parties agree, they have to sign this form. In order to receive an Erasmus+ grant for your traineeship, please contact your National Agency. Maybe you have to sign some other papers like a rule of confidentiality, but basically there are no other documents to be signed for a traineeship within the framework of Erasmus+.

Enrolment for Erasmus+Trainees at TU Graz

It is highly recommended to additionally apply for an enrolment as an incoming student at TU Graz (see box Benefits).


  • To initiate the registration with TU Graz, please send a scanned copy of the form "Erasmus+ Learning Agreement for Traineeship" by e-mail (see box Contact).
  • After having sent the signed form, you will receive the code for your online application. Please read the Instructions before you fill it in, and send an e-mail upon completion, to start the enrolment process.
  • Your application form will be sent to the registrar´s office of TU Graz in order to initiate your registration as a student of TU Graz. This can last some days.
  • Then, you receive an e-mail with your registration number (Matrikelnummer) and a payment request for the students union fee (see box Costs). Please pay the amount according to the instructions given in the e-mail, at your earliest convenience.
  • As soon as your payment is received, you will receive two more e-mails with the confirmation and your PIN code to log into the TU Graz online system. With that, the enrolment process is finalized, and you are an incoming student of TU Graz.

Upon arrival, please send an e-mail to pick up your TU Graz card (your student ID) at the International Office – Welcome Center (see box Contact).

Benefits of the Enrolment

  • Accident insurance and liability insurance during working on the campus and during travels related to the traineeship
  • TUGRAZonline account to have access to the intranet and to special online data of the institute
  • Possibility to take courses at TU Graz
  • Various reductions for students
  • Participation in the ESN network


  • Continuous application, but the online application has to be completed at least one month before your traineeship starts.

Please note: Only when you are registered as an incoming student at TU Graz you can benefit from the advantages of the registration.

Costs for the Enrolment

As an international student who comes to TU Graz in the framework of Erasmus+, you do not have to pay tuition fees. You only have to pay the student union fee (about € 20) to be registered as an incoming student of TU Graz.

Health Insurance

As a trainee, you need a health insurance during your stay in Austria. As a national of EU/EAA countries, your European insurance card is valid, and you receive basic medical treatment for free when showing it. As a national of third countries, you need to make sure in your own responsibility that you have a valid health insurance when starting to work at TU Graz. More information

Visa information

Nationals of third countries (non EU/EEA citizens) have to make sure in their own responsibility to have their visa D (for students who will stay in Austria for up to 6 months) or residence permit (for students who will stay in Austria more than 6 months). Find more information about entry into Austria and visa on the Website of OeAD.