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The Central European Exchange Program (CEEPUS) for University Studies is a transnational student exchange program with Central and Eastern Europe. CEEPUS relies upon a Central European network of higher education institutions, which consists of various individual, specialized networks. The member states of CEEPUS are Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Austria, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Czech Republic, and Hungary, as well as Kosovo (Universities of Pristina, University of Prizren und Haxhi Zeka University of Peja). As a TU Graz student, you may spend your stay abroad in a CEEPUS network member country for a period of at least 3 and up to 10 months. It is also possible to stay for shorter periods of time as part of your Diploma / Master’s / Doctoral thesis or when taking part in an excursion. More information about the CEEPUS Programme

CEEPUS Mobility

There are two ways to take part:
  • Among the partner institutions of the established networks (Network Mobility) or
  • Outside the networks, as Freemover
Priorities are placed on networking activities; for this reason, Freemover applications are only possible in the summer semester.

Network Mobility

A network is made up of at least 3 institutions of higher education from at least 3 different member states. A list of the current networks can be found at www.ceepus.info. You may only apply after speaking with the network coordinator / partner. The application is submitted online at www.ceepus.info. Application Deadlines:
  • 15 June for the academic year and winter semester
  • 31 October for the summer semester


Freemovers are students or graduates that want to apply for a scholarship outside a network at a particular institution in one of the CEEPUS countries. The selection and scholarship granting process is conducted by the CEEPUS office in the host country. Priorities are placed on networking activities, however, so Freemovers can only receive months that are “left over” from other networks. For this reason, Freemover applications are only accepted for the summer semester. Application Deadline: 30 November

Categories of Mobility Grants

Please note that 4 categories of mobility grants exist:
  1. Student: stays of at least 3 months
  2. Short Term Student: stays of 1-2 months
  3. Short Term Excursion: stays of 3-9 days
  4. Summer Schools: stays of 10-20 days 

Application Requirements

  • Citizenship of a CEEPUS member state; the host country cannot be the home country of the applicant
  • You must have completed at least 2 semesters of the degree programme for which you are applying
  • As a student, you may stay in the host country for at least 3 and at most 10 months. Take note: shorter stays are only possible as part of a Diploma / Master’s / Doctoral thesis
  • Before applying, it is necessary to contact the responsible CEEPUS network  partner /coordinator

Application Deadlines

Network Mobility

  • 15 June for the academic year and winter semester
  • 31 October for the summer semester

Freemover Mobility

  • 30 November

Application Procedure

  • Submit the application online at www.ceepus.info. After registering with your name and e-mail address, you will receive a password. By logging into your account with this password, can check the status of your application!
  • The application must contain detailed information about the goals and length of your stay abroad. Applications that are incomplete or not filled out correctly will be rejected!
  • Once nominations have been submitted by the network partner / coordinator, nominations will be made by the Home National CEEPUS Office (a corresponding nominating letter of acceptance will be sent to you).
    Nomination of Freemover Mobility applicants is only conducted by the Home National CEEPUS Office.
    ATTENTION: Freemover Mobility applicants require a 'Letter of Acceptance' from their TU Graz supervisor.
  • The grant is awarded by National CEEPUS Office in Austria
  • The grant is awarded in accordance with the grant months available within the network.
  • Once you have received the Letter of Award and additional information from the host country, send the grant acceptance and a copy of the Letters of Award to the National CEEPUS Office in your home country.
    Once you have been officially nominated to receive the grant, you must contact TU Graz. You will be registered as a TU Graz student.
    Please send your name and e-mail address via e-mail to the TU Graz contact person, karin.lebernoSpam@tugraz.at.
  • You then receive an access code via e-mail that is needed to complete the TU Graz online registration form, as well as additional information.

CONTACT at the National CEEPUS Office Austria

Contact Person
CEEPUS – Office Austria
OeAD (Austria’s Agency for Education and Internationalisation)
Ebendorferstrasse 7
A-1010 Wien


The support received as part of the CEEPUS Program is a full scholarship that is granted by the host country (for rates, please see www.ceepus.info). Grants to cover travel costs and supplementary scholarships can be provided by the home country (more information is available from the respective National CEEPUS Offices).

Your Stay in Graz and at TU Graz

At the beginning of your stay in Graz, you need to complete some bureaucratic tasks. Visit the Welcome Events in order to understand what you must do after your arrival.

To make your stay and life in our beautiful city of Graz and in Austria easier, we have put together some information about the local conditions and tips to improve everyday life: Life in Graz

After your Stay

After your stay, you must submit the following documents to the National CEEPUS Office within 8 weeks:
  • Proof of academic advancement:
    confirmation from the home university of the successful completion of tests abroad or the completed internship. The number of hours is 6 hours per week for one semester (for up to 5 months), and 12 hours per week for two semesters (6-12 months). Alternatively, at least 3 ECTS credit points may be submitted per month spent abroad. For stays abroad as part of a thesis or dissertation, an affirmation of the success of the work undertaken must be provided by the TU Graz supervisor.
  • Student Report: fill out online
  • A confirmation of the length of the stay from the host institution: Letter of Confirmation must be filled out online by the network partner / coordinator!
  • Informal report about the experience during the stay abroad