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Contact - incoming students

Mag. phil.
Phone: +43 316 873 6422

Visiting address: Lessingstraße 32, 1st Floor, 8010 Graz

Contact - outgoing students

TU Graz students interested in doing an Erasmus+ mobility can find information about the programme and the contact person on  TU4U.

Step 1: Being Nominated by Your Home University

Prerequisites for studying at TU Graz with Erasmus+:

  • your home university and TU Graz have signed a bilateral agreement in your field of study
  • your home university nominates you for the Erasmus+ mobility programme at TU Graz

Deadlines for Nominations:

  • 30 April for the winter semester and academic year
  • 15 October for the summer semester

Deadlines for Nominations

  • 30 April for the winter semester and academic year
  • 15 October for the summer semester

Your Nomination in Mobility-Online

Your nomination has to be inserted in the Mobility-Online system by the international office fo your home university.

How to nominate students in Mobility-Online

When this is done you will receive an automatically generated e-mail with the access code to process your application. Please look up your spam folder as well. When you do not receive this e-mail, please contact the international officer in your home university.

Step 2: Online Application and Upload of Documents

Deadlines for Uploading the Application Package

  • 15 May for the winter semester and the whole academic year
  • 20 October for the summer semester

It is highly recommended to hand in the documents well before this deadline. The earlier you send it, the sooner you can start to create your Erasmus+ Learning Agreement.

Please read the application guide BEFORE beginning to fill in the application.

Please upload the following application documents in Mobility-Online:

  • Portrait Picture
  • Copy of your Passport/ ID Card
  • Transcript of Records
  • English or German Language Certificate
  • Signed Application Form
  • Bachelor´s Degree Certificate (optional)

Deadlines for Uploading the Application Package

  • 15 May for the winter semester and the whole academic year
  • 20 October for the summer semester

Part 1: Portrait Picture

  • jpeg, png oder gif file with a maximum of 500x500 pixel
  • Your head must face the camera directly with full face in view.
  • Showing a natural smile
  • Printed in color

Part 2: Copy of your Passport/ ID Card

Please note: Your passport/ ID Card has to be valid for the entire period of your stay.

Part 3: Transcript of Records

This transcript is issued by your home university and lists all the courses you have successfully completed together with their grades and ECTS credits. This serves as a proof of your progress in your degree programme.

With reference to this list, the Departmental Coordinator can decide whether the courses you have chosen to take at TU Graz are appropriate for you.

Part 4: English or German Language Certificate

Your progress in your degree programme should not be hindered by language barriers. A language certificate is therefore required that indicates a minimum level of B2 on the scales of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The language certificate needs to show your proficiency in all 4 skills (listening, reading, speaking, writing) and must not be more than 2 years old.

If you are not able to submit a certificate, you must hand in a Language Proficiency Report.

Language certificates must be issued by language schools or language departments at universities.

A high school leaving certificate cannot be accepted as language certificate.

Students with English or German as their native language do not need to submit a language certificate.

Part 5: Signed Application Form

Download the application form from Mobility-Online. Print it out in colour and sign it. Afterwards please upload it in colour to Mobility-Online.

Part 6: Bachelor's Degree Certificate – only if you are applying for a Master's Degree Programme

As a rule, mobility students are registered for bachelor's degree programmes.

Only students who have completed a bachelor´s degree programme and include a copy of their certificate in the application package may be registered for a master’s degree programme.

However, students registered for a bachelor's degree programme may take master's degree courses as long as they fulfill the required qualifications and have sufficient prior academic background in the field (proven by their transcript of records).

Step 3: Upload of Erasmus+ Learning Agreement for Studies

As an Erasmus+ applicant, you have to create your Erasmus+ Learning Agreement in Mobility-Online, including your course selection, and upload it duly signed.

Deadlines for Uploading the Learning Agreement

  • 30 May for the winter semester and the whole academic year
  • 31 October for the summer semester

It is highly recommended to hand in the Learning Agreement well before this deadline. The earlier you send it, the sooner you can be accepted and take care of other details about your stay at Graz; especially accommodation and German course.

Deadlines for Uploading the Learning Agreement

  • 30 May for the winter semester and academic year
  • 31 October for the summer semester

Course Selection

Other than in many European countries, there is no strict curriculum for exchange students. So you are free to additionally select single courses from almost all faculties (exception: courses in Architecture are only for Architecture students).

Four ways to find the best courses for your stay at TU Graz:

  1. Look up the curriculum of the degree programme that you applied for at TU Graz
  2. Find courses in English on www.tugraz.at/go/search-courses
  3. Search by keywords in TUGRAZonline
  4. Read reports of former students from your home university who studied at TU Graz as mobility students and find out which courses they recommend.

Help course selection

Course information TU Graz

Choose wisely and use the detailed course descriptions available for each course offered at TU Graz in the TUGRAZonline system. Open the search option on the top right corner and then select "Courses". Insert the course number or title and then click on the course link. Here you can find the descriptions including ECTS credit points and exam information.

Please make sure to choose only courses from the semester you will stay at TU Graz: Courses showing a W are offered in the Winter semester, courses with S are offered in the Summer semester.  

TU Graz cannot guarantee a place in courses with a limited number of participants!

Confirmation of the Supervisor – only if you want to work on your Master's Thesis

When you come to TU Graz in order to work on your master’s thesis and receive ECTS credits for it, in accordance with your Learning Agreement, you need to have a confirmation of a professor from a TU Graz Institute that he or she will supervise you. If there is no contact between your home professor and a TU Graz professor, you have to look for a supervisor in your own responsibility.

How to find a supervisor?
Please search for the appropriate institute in the tree structure you find on the lefthand side of the home page of TUGRAZonline. There are detailed descriptions available for every institute, so you can see what research focus they have.   Contact the Head of the Institute by writing a short, but precise application for your master thesis, outlining your research interest and experience, and attach your CV.

When they agree to supervise you, please upload this confirmation in Mobility-Online.

To insert your master thesis, please type in the provisional title or topic of your master thesis and the name of the supevisor into the learning agreement form.

For a complete master thesis, 30 ECTS are rewarded. ECTS credit points are given according to the work load invested: 1 ECTS credit point correlate with 25 hours of work load.

Step 4: Your "Letter of Acceptance"

As soon as the International Office – Welcome Center has received and reviewed your application documents, your letter of acceptance will be issued.

You will be able to download your letter of acceptance from Mobility-Online including information about accommodation, visa, German courses etc.

Please note that your letter of acceptance is available only online.


Please start searching for accommodation as soon as you are accepted at TU Graz. Thare separate deadlines when applying for a room in a student dorm.

German Course

The official language in Austria is German. It is strongly recommended to take part in the 3-week intensive course in September or February, respectively.

Since mobility students of all universities in Graz take part in these intensive courses, this is a good way to make friends.


If you apply for TU Graz and do not have EU/EEA citizenship:

Please note that you have to take care of all visa issues by yourself in time.

What happens next?

Please read the page Your Stay at TU Graz to prepare your stay, to learn when to arrive, and what to expect.