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Supplementary Examinations

If their foreign school-leaving certificate is not equivalent to the Austrian one, applicants must take supplementary examinations (for example in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry) before admission as regular students to a degree programme.

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  1. TU Graz gives you a provisional notice of admission which includes, as a condition for completing your admission, the requirement to take supplementary examinations (for example in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry) at the University Preparation Programme Graz.
  2. You bring your notice of admission to the University Preparation Programme Graz and enrol for the course and examination in German there.
  3. You register as a non-degree student at the Registrar's Office of TU Graz within the general admission period or the additional admission period.
  4. You take the supplementary examinations within the deadline specified in your provisional notice of admission to TU Graz.
  5. When you have passed the supplementary examinations, you then bring the certificate to the TU Graz Registrar's Office, where you can then complete your admission as a regular student in the degree programme specified in your notice of admission.

University Preparation Programme

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