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Bachelor's Degree Programme Computer Science

The bachelor‘s programme Computer Science at TU Graz is the right choice for you if you are interested in information and communication technologies, enjoy the challenge of systematic thinking, and like solving analytical problems. Both a strong sense of creativity and spirit of innovation are needed. In this programme, you will receive optimal preparation to enter the diverse field of Computer Science.


  • You will learn the basics of computer science as well as the mathematical foundations of computer science, e.g. analysis, discrete mathematics, numerical computing, linear algebra and statistics.
  • In the field of software engineering, you attain further knowledge about systems programming, programming languages, software paradigms and human-computer interaction, among others.
  • In the field of information processing, you will get familiar with data management and data science, data structures and algorithms, computer and communication networks and information security, among others.
  • In theory and application of computer science, you will deepen your understanding of theoretical computer science and engage with concrete application areas such as machine learning, algorithms and games, computer vision and artificial intelligence.
  • In addition, you will be introduced to the basics of academic practices and write a bachelor’s thesis.
Source: Lunghammer - TU Graz
  • Duration of study: 6 semesters
  • ECTS credit points: 180
  • Academic degree: Bachelor of Science (BSc)
  • Language of instruction: German
    Numerous courses in English.
  • Admission procedure: none

Curriculum (in German)

Semester plan

Matthias Seidl, Source: Seidl
Matthias Seidl, bachelor’s degree student in Computer Science

From Turing machines to complex data structures and algorithms, from inside an operating system to the graphical representation of objects and the manipulation of images, the bachelor’s programme in Computer Science has already given me insights into many areas of the computer sciences. By the way, very little is programmed in my studies. More often, the knowledge of a programming language is used as a tool to solve – generally mathematical – problems.

Career Options

The bachelor’s programme Computer Science provides a theoretical and practical basis for your entrance into the complex and extensive field of information technologies.  By completing this programme, you are qualified to continue your education through the advanced Master’s Programme in the field of Computer Science.

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science can assist in modeling, designing, implementing, evaluating and applying complex software systems.  

Information and Advice for Prospective Students

Admission Deadlines


General admission period: 8 July to 5 September 2019

Additional admission period: 6 September to 30 November 2019


General admission period: 7 January to 5 February 2020

Additional admission period: 6 February to 30 April 2020

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International degree programme applicants: admission and application deadlines

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EN: The language of instruction is English