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Game Dev Students Graz

The Game Dev Students Graz bring people together who are interested in all kinds of aspects of game development. The student team works on several game-related projects, organises game jams, trains interested people in workshops and takes part in international conferences. No matter if you are already working on a game or want to participate in projects - all interested people are welcome.



  • Organisation of and participation in Game Jams
  • Workshops in many areas of game development
  • Attending international conferences
  • Participation in competitions

The Game Dev Students Graz team takes part in international game jams.



The Game Dev Students do not only show their games at events - their members have already won several prizes:

  • Apple Design Award 2015 (Student) in San Francisco, California
  • Steirischer Spielepreis 2017, Finalist
  • Steirischer Spielepreis 2018, Lokaler Star-Preis
  • ReVersed Awards 2018, Best concept
  • Subotron Live Pitch 2018, Finalist
  • GameDevDays 2019 - Besondere Erwähnung
  • Kleinen Zeitung Kopf des Jahres (Western Styria, Newcomer), Finalist


Contact the Game Dev Students by email (studentsnoSpam@gamelabgraz.com), visit the website or follow the team on Twitter.