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Overview: Sustainable Systems

The world's population is growing, and energy use and environmental pollution are on the increase. At the same time, natural resources and raw materials are becoming scarce and the effects of climate change are warning us that we need to reduce our output of greenhouse gases. Scientists in the Field of Expertise Sustainable Systems at TU Graz are focussing on these complex challenges and undertaking interdisciplinary research to find sustainable solutions. Research topics range from sustainable urban planning, innovative building technologies and energy systems to the use of renewable energy sources, intelligent energy networks and green mobility.

Examples of Research Topics

  • STELA: In the framework of the STELA project, researchers are focussing on comprehensive thermal and technical building refurbishment, and on upgrading multi-storey apartment buildings constructed in the 1970s, based on the example of a residential area in Leoben.  The aim is to create sustainable and attractive living spaces. 
  • Solid oxide fuel cells: Researchers are investigating damage mechanisms, processes and strategies to increase the lifespan of solid oxide fuel cells. These cells are an important component in new, mobile electricity generators, which have a higher overall efficiency than conventional devices powered by combustion engines.  
  • Wood technology in building construction: Researchers are developing and improving cross-laminated timber plates for solid wood structures. Cross-laminated timber consists of layers of solid timber boards glued cross-wise to adjacent layers. It is particularly dimensionally stable. Buildings made out of solid wood are environmentally friendly, sustainable and cheap to produce. 

Researchers from around 50 institutes from all 7 faculties at TU Graz are working on a total of over 200 projects.

Research Topics

Urban and mobility planning 

  • Landscape Urbanism – ecological synergies in urban and regional development 
  • Smart Cities – energy-efficient urban-planning densification 
  • Financing models in urban development 
  • Smart Mobility – multimodal transport planning and intelligent traffic systems 
  • Life-Cycle Costs in infrastructure (road, rail, supply lines)  

Sustainable construction 

  • Form follows energy – energy concepts of buildings 
  • Sustainability analysis of construction products and buildings 
  • Resource-efficient, non-standard construction methods – prototype construction in the robot design laboratory 
  • Resource-saving construction in lightweight and solid construction 
  • Economic implementation of complex geometries and shapes in wood construction 
  • Advanced wood and concrete technology 
  • Optimal lighting – simulations and experiments in the lighting laboratory 
  • Multifunctional facade engineering and media integration  

Future-oriented energy systems 

  • Integral energy landscapes – historical development and future strategies 
  • Numerical calculations and hydraulic model experiments for hydro power plants 
  • Innovative system solutions for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology 
  • Thermal energy systems and biomass exploitation 
  • Process evaluation and synthesis, and waste and emission-free technologies/systems 
  • Simulations and experiments on thermal turbomachines and machine dynamics 
  • High-voltage and distribution networks of the future, and energy-efficient electric drives and machines 
  • Economic analysis of energy and electrical systems

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Sustainable Systems (Field of Expertise)

Sustainable Systems (Field of Expertise)

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Sustainable Systems (Field of Expertise)

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