Bachelor's Degree Programme Information and Computer Engineering

We can no longer imagine life without them: cell phones, laptops, navigation systems, the Internet and many other computer systems. In the Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Information and Computer Engineering, you combine the fields of computer science, electrical engineering and information technology. This enables you to develop and direct the necessary technologies of the future.


Key data

During your studies you will learn technical and scientific basics in the areas of mathematics, physics and signal processing, as well as the basics and methods of electrical engineering and information technology, such as electrical networks, measurement technology and digital technology.

Another important aspect of the degree programme is computer science. Here, topics such as software development, data processing, information security and visual computing are covered.





Duration of study

180 points   6 semesters




Bachelor of
Science (BSc)

Distribution of subjects

Career opportunities

Graduates of the Information and Computer Engineering degree programme have a wide range of career opportunities, such as:

  •     Research at universities and other research institutions
  •     Working in research and development departments in industry
  •     Working in public administration or independently in the service sector

In a national and international context, they design, implement and operate complex hardware and software systems in the field of information technology and telecommunications.
The systems they design are used in e.g:

  •     smartphones
  •     complex industrial plants
  •     automated vehicles

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If you are interested in a degree programme, you should definitely take a look at the curriculum. It contains an overview of all courses (subjects) that you have to complete during your studies.

Click here for the curriculum for the Bachelor's degree programme in Informatin and Computer Engineering