Our Bachelor's degree programmes

From smart grids to modern sound design to programming intelligent robots - in our four bachelor's degree programmes in Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Audio Engineering, Information and Computer Engineering and Digital Engineering, you can expect not only an exciting education but also insights into the technologies of tomorrow and first-class career prospects.

Electrical engineers are needed more today than ever before. Electrical engineering is involved in almost all areas of life and offers many specialisation opportunities. These range from renewable energies to power electronics.

Combine your passion for technology and music in the inter-university Bachelor's degree programme Electrical Engineering and
Audio Engineering
and gain expertise in electrical engineering, signal processing, acoustics and audio technology.

The Bachelor's degree programme in Information and Computer Engineering combines the fields of electrical engineering, computer science and mathematics and thus prepares you in the best possible way to help develop the technologies of tomorrow.

In the Bachelor's degree programme in Digital Engineering, you will learn how to formulate interdisciplinary technical problems mathematically, how to determine the solutions systematically and computer-aidedly and to implement them technically.

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Unsure about your choice of study?

You would like to start a Bachelor's degree programme, but you are not sure whether the TU Graz is right for you?

Take a look at our Bachelor's study folder. It not only contains information about the different fields of study, but also useful tips on starting your studies and insights into the city of Graz as a place to study.