Master's Degree Programme in Information and Computer Engineering

In recent decades, information and telecommunication systems have rapidly become more important. They represent an integral part of nearly all new technologies used in areas of science, business, or society. In the English-language master's degree programme in Information and Computer Engineering, you will become well-versed in the use of both the software and hardware, enabling you to act as an interdisciplinary conduit between the fields of computer science and electrical engineering.


Key data

In the master's degree programme Information and Computer Engineering, you will learn the essential theories, principles, and methods applied in information processing and information technology. You will learn how to independently model, design, implement, operate, and evaluate complex hardware and software systems in the IT sector. In specialist areas such as “Visual Computing” or “Embedded and Automotive Systems”, you will learn more about topics that will be of vital importance in the future, such as drones with high-resolution cameras, 3D models for medicine, lane-keeping assist systems, or autonomous driving technology.





Duration of studies

120 points   4 semesters




Dipl.-Ing. or DI (equivalent to MSc.)   English

Career opportunities

Graduates of the Information and Computer Engineering degree programme have excellent job prospects and are in demand both nationally and internationally:

  • You carry out research at universities, other research institutions, and R&D departments in industry.
  • You design, operate, and evaluate complex hardware and software systems in the field of information technology, the automotive industry, and telecommunications.
  • The systems you design are used, for example, in smartphones and apps or in robotic systems.
  • You found your own business or work as employees, e.g. in industry, in new start-up companies, or in the service sector.
  • You often lead departments or projects.

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