Bachelor's Degree Programme Electrical Engineering

How does a car drive by itself? How do I measure electromagnetic compatibility? What makes a robot touch-sensitive? All these questions have something in common: Electrical Engineering. This subject permeates all areas of life and has enormous significance for the development of our society. In the Bachelor's Degree Programme Electrical Engineering, you can help shape the technologies of tomorrow and have first-class career prospects.


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Key data

At the beginning of the degree programme, mainly the basics of electrical engineering, physics and mathematics are covered. This forms a solid basis for in-depth content in the later semesters. From the 5th semester onwards, you can choose one of the following subject areas to specialise in:

  •     Automation technology and mechatronics
  •     Energy technology
  •     Information and communication technology
  •     Microelectronics and circuit technology





Duration of studies

180 points   6 semesters




Bachelor of
Science (BSc)

Distribution of subjects

Career opportunities

Electrical engineers work in research, development and production departments. They are employed in the fields of:

  •     Energy supply
  •     Telecommunications
  •     Automotive industry

Activities include:

  •     Research and development in all areas of electrical engineering and information technology
  •     Planning of electrotechnical systems for machines, plants or buildings
  •     Implementing these planned systems
  •     Integrating electrotechnical solutions into social and economic areas

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