Master's Degree Programme in Digital Engineering

Autonomous vehicles, intelligent energy supply, smart homes: As a digital engineer, you create new technologies that support the sustainable development of our society.

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Key data

In the Master's Degree Programme in Digital Engineering, you will deepen and expand your skills in the fields of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and computer science in order to be able to design and create complex networked systems that are used in the various specialized areas.

In this programme, you will have the opportunity to acquire mathematical skills in the areas of numerical optimisation, probability theory, statistics and stochastics, but also will learn the fundamentals of machine learning and learning algorithms. You will learn methods that you can use to mathematically model complex dynamic systems and to network subsystems through digital communication.

Depending on your interests, you will gain more knowledge in one of six interdisciplinary areas and apply this knowledge to solve specific engineering problems. For example, you will work on developing mobile robots, automated manufacturing equipment, sustainable mobility systems, smart infrastructure, and much more.





Duration of studies

120 points   4 semesters




Dipl.-Ing. or DI (equivalent to MSc.)   English

Career opportunities

Graduates of the Bachelor's Degree Programme in Digital Engineering are in high demand as experts for complex technical systems. They develop technologies that will be used in the future, for example, in the fields of autonomous driving and medical technology. They also conduct research in intelligent energy networks and innovative drive concepts. They optimise or design and implement new algorithms for production processes, which are also used in industry.

Not only can you pursue a scientific career at research institutions and universities, but your expertise is also in demand in industrial companies. Due to the interdisciplinary education, you can work in numerous industries. Your knowledge will find particular application

  • in mechanical engineering
  • in logistics
  • in the automotive industry, as well as
  • in the field robotics.

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