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Bachelor's Degree Programme Information and Computer Engineering

We use them daily and almost everywhere: smartphones, navigation systems, apps and, of course, the Internet. All this would be unthinkable without the technologies of computer science, microelectronics and telecommunica­tions. As part of the Bachelor’s degree programme in Information and Computer Engineering at TU Graz, you are taught by internationally renowned scientists and work on the technologies of the future.


  • You will learn technical and scientific basics in mathematics, statistics, physics, signal processing and transformation.
  • You will learn the principles and methods of electrical engineering and information technology, e.g. electrical networks, electronic switching technology, measurement technology, telecommunications, and system architectures.
  • In the field of information processing you will study the principles of computer science, software development, data processing, operating systems, and computer networks, information security, and visual computing.
  • In addition, you will learn to think across discipline boundaries and will study economic, social and ethical questions pertaining to information and computer engineering.
  • You will learn to work scientifically and will write a bachelor’s thesis.
Source: Lunghammer - NAWI Graz
  • Duration of study: 6 Semester
  • ECTS credit points: 180
  • Academic degree: Bachelor of Science (BSc)
  • Language of instruction: German
    Numerous courses in English.
  • Admission procedure: none

Curriculum (in German)

Semester plan

Career Options

To qualify for professional work at the interface between information technology and electrical engineering, you will need to complete a subsequent Master’s degree programme after graduating from your Bachelor’s programme.

Graduates have a variety of career opportunities:

  • They conduct research at universities, other research institutions, and research and development departments in business.
  • They design, operate and evaluate complex hardware and software systems in the area of information technology and telecommunications.
  • The systems they design are used in e.g. smartphones and apps.
  • At a national and international level, they work on a self-employed basis or in an employment relationship e.g. in industry, public administration or in the services sector.

Admission Deadlines


General admission period: 8 July to 5 September 2019

Additional admission period: 6 September to 30 November 2019


General admission period: 7 January to 5 February 2020

Additional admission period: 6 February to 30 April 2020

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Information and Advice for Prospective Students

Graduates Can Pursue Master’s Degrees in the Following Programmes

EN: The language of instruction is English.
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