Digital Engineering

How do robots need to be designed, programmed and controlled so that they can carry out complicated tasks as effectively and precisely as possible? What does smart testing of vehicles on the test bench look like? The digitalisation of process and production workflows presents great challenges for many companies, but, at the same time, it offers amazing possibilities. In the Bachelor's Degree Programme in Digital Engineering, you will learn how to understand, design and further develop complex technical systems.

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Key data

In the bachelor's degree programme Digital Engineering you will receive an interdisciplinary education in the fields of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and computer science. The focus is on basic and method-oriented training in the respective subject areas and their interfaces with each other.

In the course of your studies, you will deal with a wide range of topics such as circuitry, measurement technology, programming, mechanics, thermodynamics, etc. and learn to apply your knowledge to practical examples of engineering. You also deepen your mathematical knowledge and deal with methods and possibilities of signal representation and signal processing.





Duration of study

180 points   6 semesters




Bachelor of
Science (BSc)

Distribution of subjects

Career opportunities

Graduates of the Bachelor's degree programme Digital Engineering understand the interlinking of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and computer science in complex systems and can thus contribute to their optimisation. They are therefore in demand in various research areas, such as:

  •     Development of future technologies
  •     autonomous driving
  •     medical technology
  •     intelligent energy grids
  •     innovative drive concepts

Areas of application for their new, independently designed and implemented production processes include

  •     in mechanical engineering
  •     in logistics companies
  •     in the automotive industry
  •     in the field of robotics application

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