Master's Degree Programme in Space Sciences and Earth from Space

This degree programme helps you reach for the stars. The focus of the programme is on satellite components and measurement systems, which are built or co-developed in Graz for Earth observation tasks and space missions conducted by ESA, NASA and co. In the Master's degree programme in Space Sciences and Earth from Space, you will broaden your knowledge of space technologies and Earth observation, and you will be right there live when the next launch vehicle goes into orbit.

Key data

Whether you want to capture 3D images of Mars, take magnetic field measurements near the sun, or collect high-resolution satellite data of the Earth for use in navigation systems, climate data and crisis management: The expertise in Graz has contributed to active space missions for more than 30 years.The Master's degree programme in Space Sciences and Earth from Space prepares you to play your own role in high-tech space projects.





Duration of studies

120 points   4 semesters




Dipl.-Ing. oder DI (equivalent to MSc.)   German

Career opportunities

Compared to the size of Austria, the aerospace industry is disproportionately strong in this country. In addition to individual international technology leaders, many smaller, highly specialized companies and institutions are based here that make important contributions to the success of space missions by providing research services. The Alpine republic also enjoys a fantastic reputation with the Paris-based European Space Agency (ESA).

As a programme graduate, your potential fields of activity include:

  • Research and production in companies that manufacture and supply equipment and expertise for space missions and Earth observation.
  • Research on and the development of probes, measuring instruments and satellite components in university and non-university research facilities.
  • Conducting analyses and modelling of satellite data for research institutions, public authorities and companies.
  • Performing management activities in space missions and Earth observation tasks.

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If you are interested in a degree programme, you should definitely take a look at the curriculum. It contains an overview of all courses (subjects) that you have to complete during your studies.

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