Publications of 2020

Journal Article
Sina Lohrasbi, Renè Hammer, Werner Essl, Georg Reiss, Stefan Defregger and Wolfgang Sanz A Comprehensive Review on the Core Thermal Management Improvement Concepts in Power Electronics
David Simunek, Martin Leitner, Martin Rieger, Reinhard Pippan, Hans Peter Gänser and Franz Josef Weber Fatigue crack growth in railway axle specimens – Transferability and model validation
Felix Greiffenhagen, Jakob Woisetschläger, Johannes Gürtler and Jürgen Czarske Quantitative measurement of density fluctuations with a full‑field laser interferometric vibrometer
Kevin Wimmer and Wolfgang Sanz Optimization and comparison of the two promising oxy-combustion cycles NET Power cycle and Graz Cycle
A.D. Wexler, Jakob Woisetschläger, Ursula Reiter, Gert Reiter, Michael Fuchsjäger, Elmar C. Fuchs and Lothar Brecker Nuclear Magnetic Relaxation Mapping of Spin Relaxation in Electrically Stressed Glycerol
Other Article
M. Kolmbauer, Günter Offner and B. Pöchtrager Topological index analysis and its application to multi-physical systems in system simulation software
Ettore Bertolini, Paul Pieringer and Wolfgang Sanz Large Eddy Simulation of a Transonic Linear Cascade With Synthetic Inlet Turbulence
Patrick René Jagerhofer, Andreas Peters, Emil Göttlich, Wolfgang Sanz and Federica Farisco Influence of Purge Temperature Variation on the Performance of Turbine Center Frames
Wolfgang Sanz and Elias Hashemian Nik Dynamische Simulation zur Flexibilisierung der Energieerzeugung durch Integration eines Wärmespeichers in ein Fernwärmenetz
Wolfgang Sanz and Philipp Mandl 100 % erneuerbare Energie für Österreich – Ist das möglich?
S. R. Bewsher, M. Windisch and Günter Offner Optimization of Piston Cylinder Liner Conjunction Micro-Geometry for Enhanced Tribo-Dynamic Performance
H. Questa, M. Mohammadpour, S. Theodossiades, C. P. Garner, S. R. Bewsher and Günter Offner Tribodynamic modelling of high-speed rolling element bearings using experimentally obtained boundary conditions
P. Andreou, S. R. Bewsher, M. Mohammad-Pour and Günter Offner An Investigation into the Use of Diamond Like Coatings for Reduced Boundary Friction within Valvetrain Components
M. Kolmbauer, Günter Offner, R. U. Pfau and B. Pöchtrager Multirate DAE-simulation and its application in system simulation software for the development of electric vehicles

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