Metrology in Turbomachinery - Laser Optical Metrology

Ao.Univ.-Prof.  Dr.techn. Jakob Woisetschl├Ąger All our test rigs are designed with optical access to be able to use non-intrusive optical measurement systems. Furthermore all rigs can be adapted easily to meet different challenges. More information you will find in our description of the test rigs. Detailed information on the applied measurement methods at our institut is given in our description of the measurement techniques. Besides our research projects, we realize measurement campaigns for and with the industry. These measurements include vibration measurements with our laser vibrometers, thermography, PIV, LDA and other measurement techniques, and we co- operate with other technical universities. Some of our applications include vibration measurements in a heat recovery boiler and on rotor shafts and temperature distribution in a sewage basin.

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