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Head of Workshop: Martin Haubenhofer To achieve the highest possible efficiencies turbomachinery needs a thorough and accurate optimization that involves flow, thermodynamic, vibration and material analysis. With an area of more than 1000 square meters and a 3MW compressor station located in the basement, the institute's laboratory has the largest machine installation at the Technical University of Graz. The three compressors of this station can operate in 13 different configurations, thus providing air for a large variety of experiments and several test rigs.
Technical data of the compressors of the institute
NameTypeVolume flow [m3/h]Mass flow [kg/s]Pressure ratioEngine power single operation [kW]Engine power serial operation [kW]
More information can be found in: Pirker,H.P., Jericha, H., Zhuber-Okrog, G., 1995, "Auslegung und Betriebsverhalten einer Verdichteranlage für die Luftversorgung wissenschaftlicher Versuchseinrichtungen", VDI Berichte Nr.1208, pp. 331-347

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