Turbomachinery Optimization and CFD Methods

Head of Department: Ao.Univ.-Prof. Dr.techn. Wolfgang Sanz

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is applied to simulate the internal flow through thermal turbomachinery. The flow analysis helps reduce the losses inside the blade passages as well as of other flow guiding elements so that the overall efficiency can be reduced. For this purpose an in-house CFD code as well as commercial alternatives are used. Also pre-processing tools for grid generation and post-processing tools for analysis are developed and utilized. For more information on these please click on the following links:


Entropy contours and pressure gradients in a 1 1/2 turbine stage
Vorticity structures in an intermediate turbine duct

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Cylce Optimisation

Parallel to the optimization of conventional thermal power plants for efficient use of fossil fuels, the institute has been intensively working on a highly efficient power cycle for carbon capture and storage since 1995. The so-called Graz Cycle was invented by H. Jericha and is an oxy-fuel cycle with internal combustion of fossil fuels with pure oxygen. This allows an easy and cost-effective capture of the combustion generated CO2 by condensation. Since then an impressive list of publications on this topic has been accomplished, which can be found together with a more detailed description on the Graz Cycle website. The future use of hydrogen generated by electrolyses using renewable energy like wind or solar energy is considered as a matter of long term development. In order to use the valuable fuel hydrogen in a highly efficient way it is also suggested to burn it with pure oxygen also provided by electrolysis. This would lead to a power plant which produces no emissions to the environment. The main scientific objective of this work is the design of a thermal cycle for optimum use of hydrogen and the development of novel components of this cycle with internal combustion of hydrogen and oxygen. All thermodynamic simulations are performed with the software IPSEpro by Simtech Simulation Technology.

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