Publications of 2018

Günter Offner Topological solvability and DAE-index conditions for types of blackbox models coupled to liquid flow networks via boundary conditions
Ergebnisse von Eigenspannungsmessungen mittels Rissspitzen-DMS an 1:1 Radsatzwellen
Book Chapter
Jakob Woisetschläger and Emil Göttlich Stereo PIV applied to a transonic turbineParticle Image Velocimetry449-453
Journal Article
Wolfgang Sanz Adapting the zero-emission Graz Cycle for hydrogen combustion and investigation of its part load behavior
Wolfgang Sanz, Jakob Woisetschläger and Franz Heitmeir Experimental Investigation of Boundary Layer Relaminarization in Accelerated Flow
Federica Farisco Numerical Simulation of Sound Propagation through the Can-Annular Combustor Exit
Franz Heitmeir and Emil Göttlich Aerodynamic performance of turbine center frames with purge flows-part II
Franz Heitmeir and Emil Göttlich Aerodynamic performance of turbine center frames with purge flows-part I
Re-ingestion of upstream egress in a 1.5-stage gas turbine rig
Günter Offner On the influence of cyclic variability on surface noise contribution analysis of internal combustion engines
Conference/Workshop Article
Franz Heitmeir, Emil Göttlich and Andreas Marn Impact of Purge Flows on the Unsteady HPT Stator-Rotor Interaction Proceedings of GPPS Forum 18
Jakob Woisetschläger Simultaneous measurements of velocity and density of transient flows using high-speed camera technique Proceedings SPIE Volume 10677, Unconventional Optical Imaging
Franz Heitmeir and Andreas Marn On the Influence of an Acoustically Optimized Turbine Exit Casing onto the Unsteady Flow Field Downstream of a Low Pressure Turbine Rotor ASME Turbo Expo 2018
Influence of leakage flows on hot gas ingress Proceedings of the ASME Turbo Expo
Andreas Marn On the Aeroacoustics and Aeroelasticity of Modern State-of-the-Art and Future Aero Engine Architectures
Other Article
Jakob Woisetschläger Comparison of flame transfer functions measured with locally resolved full-field-vibrometry and OH*-chemiluminescence
Jakob Woisetschläger Camera Based Full-Field Laser Interferometric Vibrometry for Combustion Diagnostics
Wolfgang Sanz, Franz Heitmeir and Emil Göttlich Steady CFD Simulation of a High Pressure Turbine Rotor with Hub and Shroud Purge Flow
Wolfgang Sanz, Jakob Woisetschläger and Ettore Bertolini Prediction of Transition in a Turbine Cascade Using LES
Wolfgang Sanz Conversion of a steelworks off-gas fired steam generator from constant pressure to modified sliding pressure mode
Franz Heitmeir and Andreas Marn Acoustic, Aerodynamic and Aeroelastic Comparison of Different Low Pressure Turbine Exit Guide Vane Designs
Franz Heitmeir and Andreas Marn On the Modal Analysis of Fast Response Aerodynamic Pressure Probe Data
Wolfgang Sanz and Jakob Woisetschläger Boundary Layer Relaminarization in Accelerated Flow: an Experimental Investigation
Günter Offner Applications of Reinforcement Learning to Step Size Control in Multi Body Simulation
Günter Offner Surface Characterization of a Real World Cylinder Liner Subject to Deposition from Combustion
Günter Offner Experimental Design for Characterization of Force Transmissibility through Bearings in Electric Machines and Transmissions
Wolfgang Sanz On Boundary Layer Relaminarization in an Highly Accelerated High Pressure Turbine Stator Flow

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