Pictures of the Month 2024

Many institute members and students took part in the excursion to Linz AG invited by Dr. Christian Scheinecker, head of energy generation. We were lucky to see an open steam turbine and heat recovery steam generator during the overhaul.
June 2024
Congratulations to Dr. Filippo Merli who received his PhD on 19 March 2024. He worked on the aerodynamics of Turbine Center Frames and Turbine Vane Frames
May 2024
Some impressions from the institute skiing day in Obertauern
April 2024
Captain Robert Krewinkel and former captain Franz Heitmeir in the cockpit of the Boeing 727 in the Nova Air restaurant during the Christmas dinner. Later, Martin Haubenhofer and Florian Plank took over the control.
March 2023
Jakob Woisetschläger held a guided city tour for interested institute members, which ended in the roof-top café Freiblick
February 2024
Patrick Jagerhofer and Ena Badzek perform the last pre-test checkups before the IDOMINEO test facility goes into operation
January 2024