Pictures of the Month 2023

The members of the institute participating in the 15th European Turbomachinery Conference in Budapest, Hungary. We presented three technical papers and chaired four sessions.
June 2023
Congratulations to Dr. Patrick Jagerhofer who received his PhD on 21 April 2023. He measured heat transfer and film cooling in a turbine center frame developing and applying a new technique
May 2023
All the members of the institute heartily congratulate our colleague Peter Pirker to his 80th birthday. He has been working at the institute since 1970 and has contributed to its development since the beginning.
April 2023
Sunset with rainbow at Inffeld campus of Graz University of Technology
March 2023
Congratulations to Dr. Ettore Bertolini who received his PhD on 25 January 2023. He worked on advanced Large Eddy Simulations in aeroengines.
February 2023
The members of the institute prepare the Christmas cards 2022 for sending :-)
January 2023