Pictures of the Month 2019

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  The Institute is celebrating 20 years of Transonic Test Turbine Facility (TTTF)! The first commissioning run up to full speed took place on 7th of December 1999.
December 2019
Prof. Heitmeir visits the institute members who worked in our booth at the Airpower 2019
November 2019
Martin Haubenhofer with the new suction blower arriving at the institute. It will increase the capabilities of our transonic test turbine facility TTTF.
October 2019
8 members of the institute attended the ASME Turbo Expo Conference in Phoenix, USA, the world's largest conference on gas turbines and turbomachinery, and presented 7 papers.  The car is the Vesco Turbinator II, the first car exceeding 500 mph
September 2019
Emil Göttlich in front of the air supply compressor for our new wind tunnel provided by General Electric
August 2019
Philipp Bruckner, Simon Pramstrahler and Filippo Merli, our participants of the Business Run 2019
July 2019
The representatives of our institute at the 13th European Turbomachinery Conference (ETC13), which took place in Lausanne, Switzerland, 8-12 April
June 2019
During the meeting of the OptiTCF project participants of MTU Aero Engines and General Electrics visited our laboratory.
May 2019
Mr. Toshiichi Matsumoto from the Institute of Applied Energy in Tokyo visited our institute to talk about the Graz Cycle as a power plant in a future hydrogen energy system. The photo shows him with members of the institute and the Hycenta.
April 2019
View from our new offices to our institute building which will be renovated within this year. In the back the snow-covered Koralpe can be seen.
March 2019
Dr. Andreas Marn received his habilitation (venia legendi) in aero-acoustics and aero-elasticity on January 29th. We heartly congratulate him to his achievements.
February 2019
Dr. Sanggyu Kang from the Fuel Cell Hybrid System Team at the Environment and Energy Research Division of the Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials visited our institute as well as the fuel cell labs at the Institute of Thermal Engineering and at the Institute of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technology in October 2018.
January 2019