Pictures of the Month 2015

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!
<b>December 2015</b>
Results of a turbine endwall optimization using a new quasi first order method. The development of the objective function and the resulting non-axisymmetric contour are shown.
<b>November 2015</b>
Martin Haubenhofer, head of our workshop, showing the sorrow boxes he made for the works council for academic personnel!
<b>October 2015</b>
Our colleague Florian Schönleitner as he installs strain gauges for upcoming vibration measurements!
<b>September 2015</b>
Professor Heitmeir celebrated his birthday recently! The picture was taken when he received the institute's gift! We wish him all the best!
<b>August 2015</b>
Pictures from this years annual barbecue!
<b>July 2015</b>
Most of us were in Montreal for the ASME Turbo Expo of this year as well!
<b>June 2015</b>
Mutual excitement about the successful first fire of an aero gas turbine burner (80 kW)
<b>May 2015</b>
At the European Turbomachinery Conference in Madrid!
<b>April 2015</b>
Solar eclipse on the 20th of March as seen from our institute (photos by P. Bader) and pictures of a some colleagues during the eclipse!
<b>March 2015</b>
Professors Wolfgang Sanz (left) and Jakob Woisetschläger (right) with visiting professor Marwan Darwish (middle) at Praebichl for skiing!
<b>February 2015</b>
Our colleague Christian Faustmann (with the cap), his girl friend (to his right) and most of the institute after his thesis defense! We wish him all the best!
<b>January 2015</b>